Neil Hamburger

Neil Hamburger

America's Funnyman Neil Hamburger is the hard-
est working comedian in existence, performing up to 399 shows a year internationally to critical acclaim and audience bewilderment. He has toured as the hand-picked opener for Tenacious D, Tim & Eric, and Faith No More, appeared on TV shows ranging from Fox News' Red Eye to Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and worked extensively with Tom Green on his internet talk show. Among his dozen or so albums and DVDs is the new LP release Hot February Night.

JP Inc.

JP Inc. is a wonderful company, specializing in a variety of quality products and services.
The company's most recent venture as the newest TV network on the dial, features some of the most enjoyable programming for your family's entertainment and viewing needs.
An audio album of the JP Inc. Network's beloved TV theme songs and commercials has been released by a company called Comedy Central™. The album is a blast to enjoy!
JP Inc. is likely headed to your city soon to give a live presentation on the benefits of adding the JP Inc. Network to your cable subscription!

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Under 21 pays additional $3 cash surcharge at door

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