It’s hard to over-state the influence Ron Morelli has had on contemporary electronic music world over the last ten years. As head of the vital L.I.E.S. label, and as a DJ and a producer, he has, in his own words, “unintentionally” shaken things up with a forward thinking sonic aesthetic which evolved from a tight knit group in his local NYC scene. Now globally recognised (and often imitated) Morelli is known as the centerpiece of this new wave, continuing to confound expectation with each new move, always with the goal of evolving in one form or another.

Diverse as a dj, Ron is known to play across the board, equally skilled delving into the worlds of techno, house, or even disco depending on the circumstances at hand, his years behind the counter at A1 fueling his knowledge. As a producer he has released numerous EPs and three albums that all showcase a diverse breadth and depth in their approaches, none sticking to a single formula. He's back at Good Room in March, playing late into the night on our new d&b system. Special guests to be announced soon.

Lauren Flax

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us based techno/electronic artist

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