Dylan Hennessy

"Imaginative and well rooted, Dylan Hennessy's creativity and prowess with loops and licks is awe-inspiring." - Jeff Woods, canadian radio icon, author and creator of "Records & Rockstars"

"With a combination of live looping, superb guitar work and wonderful vocals, this Indie artist grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. His passion for music is very evident when he performs." - Canada Rocks Media (www.seerocklive.com)

"A maestro at his craft, his looping, beatboxing, singing and guitar playing will grab your attention and leave you entranced for the whole show. He's electric on and off the stage but once you see him on it, it's hard to envision him off it." - Anthony Dell Orso, Of The Bear Bookings

Dylan Hennessy is a Toronto-based solo artist who's obsession with a broad range of music has lead him down a one-man band rabbit hole. As a graduate of Seneca College's "Independent Music Production" program, he is a versatile musician, spanning an array of instruments in a variety of genres, with his show centring around original looping arrangements done a little heavier than you might expect.

This past year, Dylan's looping abilities have taken him to some of Toronto's most recognizable stages (Yonge-Dundas Square, MOD Club, The Phoenix, Horseshoe Tavern), countless independently organized showcases and festival performances, won him a flight to Israel, landed him a 5 show run in Manchester for Indie Week Europe, and have taken him all the way to the 2017 Indie Week Canada Finals.

Dylan incorporates a wide array of tones and effects, and as much influence from as many styles as he can into his own creations. He tries to "make a guitar and vocal sound like as many things as possible". With elements of rock, folk, metal, electronic, and sometimes highly technical and unconventional guitar playing, Dylan is truly a one man powerforce. When not on stage, Dylan works at Long & McQuade. He's constantly gigging in clubs, busking downtown and supporting his local music scene as much as he can. You can find frequently updated material on his Facebook and YouTube pages.

To contact Dylan, visit dylanhennessymusic.com

Honey Beard is a Canadian Electronic Indie-pop duo from Toronto. Bright Synths over thumping beats Honey Beard round out their sound with thoughtful lyrics and quaint melody. There are many dark layers to be listened through.


We like to rock and roll. Play loud and fast or slow slow and smooth. We like lots of pretty things and some ugly things. We like it straight up, no holds barred, in your face. We like you when you do that thing.

A band that began as an art project in 2006, the Toronto-based power-trio have always taken pride in being a completely DIY outfit, having self-produced three albums, multiple music videos, artwork, and off-centre promotions. Their sound is often hard to pin down; heavy, rhythmic, and tight riff-rock, with progressive-stoner-oddball tendencies, laden with hooks, and laced with melodic pop sensibilities.
Gigging rampantly in 2010, they quickly gained a reputation for their intense and energetic live shows, sown in an earnest chemistry.
Modest in their means, most of their focus is fixed solely on songwriting, production and performance; from the aggressive urgency and swagger of their self titled debut("Old Major", 2011), to the thundering yet dynamic instrumentation of their sophomore effort("In Dog Years", 2013), to the dark cynicism and digital grit of their most recent offering("Ok", 2017), the need to continually evolve is a hallmark of their stature as a band. The song is everything.
In 2014, OM signed with venerable Russian label R.a.i.g. records, who released "With Love"(a reworked compilation of the first two records), receiving strong critical acclaim.
At heart, Old Major are simply three friends making strange sounds. They do so because they are compelled. They do so for you to enjoy.


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