You Oughta Know, The 90s Preservation Society DJs

You Oughta Know

Clamoring public! Frost thine tips and shred thine jeans, it's time to Spring Break 90s style. Join DJ/VJ unstoppable crew The 90s Preservation Society and 90s dance band You Oughta Know at the James Ballentine "Uptown" VFW - Post 246 as they team up to celebrate the wonderous age in which butts were referred to as "buns".

Will there be Zima? Never again. Will there be bumping or grinding? Both. Will there be Will Smith? You bet your buns.

Doors open at 9pm with a DJ/VJ set. You Oughta Know hits at 10pm. $8 pre-sale tickets go on sale on Friday 2/23 at noon and will go fast! $10 at the door. 21+, but three small children stacked on each others shoulders wearing a trench coat are welcome.

The 90s Preservation Society DJs

$8.00 - $10.00

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