An Evening with The Satanic Temple plus ALUCARDA (1978)

An Evening with The Satanic Temple plus ALUCARDA (1978)

NOTE: Advance tickets have sold out. There will be a limited number of standing room-only tickets available at the door on the night-of. No guarantees, no reserves.

Join us for a live ritual and presentation on the Satanic Panic with The Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves and associates plus a special anniversary screening of the Mexican occult classic Alucarda!

The Satanic Temple (TST) is a non-theistic religion founded by Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry in 2012. TST is best known for their Missouri Supreme Court lawsuit to reduce undue burdens in abortion procedures, and their efforts to place a Satanic monument on the Arkansas capitol grounds to assert pluralism where the state has placed a 10 Commandments monument. TST is also known for their compassionate campaigns to end corporal punishment in schools, promote inclusivity in religious freedom and dispel myths forged during the Satanic Panic.

In partnership with the Cinedelphia Film Festival and Mondo Macabro, a lecture by Lucien Greaves will accompany a live ritual and anniversary screening of 1978 Mexican surrealist horror classic Alucarda. The lecture will cover the Satanic Panic, a period in American history spanning the 1970s to 1990s when religious hysteria born of fears of Satanism led to innocent men and women being falsely accused of violent crimes. Themes explored in the lecture, ritual and film include mass delusions, supernatural beliefs impacting lives in harmful pseudoscience and state violence against the vulnerable.

A pair of young girls in a Mexican convent unleash a Satanic entity that destroys the lives of those around them in the bloody, perverse, and memorably wild Alucarda! As the Psychotronic Video Guide puts it, "More blood, loud screaming and nudity than any horror film I can think of."

Cinedelphia Film Festival 666
April 12-30, 2018



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