EERIE, INDIANA Retrospective / Reunion

EERIE, INDIANA Retrospective / Reunion

Brainwashing, pagan rituals, vengeful ghosts, and children imprisoned in giant Tupperware containers...just another day in Eerie, Indiana. Child investigators Marshall Teller (Omri Katz) and Simon Holmes (Justin Shenkarow) uncover the bizarre secrets of the strangest town in the Midwest in the highly influential and fondly remembered series EERIE, INDIANA. Broadcast from 1991-92, a time when youth-oriented programming was dominated by harmless, moralistic sitcoms, Eerie embraced dark humor, subverted traditional horror tropes, and featured a cast and crew of experienced off-the-wall creative types. Episode directors included an unparalleled selection of talents such as Tim Hunter (RIVER'S EDGE), Ken Kwapis (THE OFFICE), Todd Holland (THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW), and Joe Dante (GREMLINS). Dante's role as Creative Consultant and frequent director led to a bevy of his regulars appearing throughout the show's run including Dick Miller, Archie Hahn, and John Astin; additional appearances of note include Harry Goaz, Vincent Schiavelli, and Tobey Maguire.

Far ahead of its time and an obvious influence on hit television series to come (STRANGER THINGS), the Cinedelphia Film Festival is excited to host actors Justin Shenkarow (Simon) and Jason Marsden (the enigmatic fan favorite Dash X) for a sit-down retrospective of the series.

Justin Shenkarow is best known for featured recurring roles on two of the strangest television series of the 1990s: EERIE, INDIANA and PICKET FENCES. His voice acting roles have included Harold Berman on HEY ARNOLD! as well as additional voices in a number of animated hits including SHREK THE THIRD and PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR. He is currently supplying voices for the animated DUCKTALES reboot.

Jason Marsden began his acting career at the age of 12 with a part in the sci-fi film ROBOT JOX. He has had recurring roles on major prime time series including FULL HOUSE, BOY MEETS WORLD, and STEP BY STEP. He is also an accomplished voice actor whose roles have included Max Goof in A GOOFY MOVIES, Haku in SPIRITED AWAY, and featured characters in numerous D.C. and Disney animated series.

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April 12-30, 2018



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