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Established in 2007, Decadence has been a fixture of the Columbia, SC music scene for the better part of a decade. Some of the best and brightest musicians in the state of South Carolina have spent time playing in Decadence, but as is apt to happen, some of the members who played with the band over the course of its decorated history were weeded out or moved on to other chapters in their lives. However, the dedication and focus of band members Dustin Welch, Ryan “Wick” Wicker, Ben Burriss, and Will Clark persevered through these challenges, and in March of 2016, the remaining members of Decadence found themselves in search of a new singer. Luckily, the fates aligned and Jeremy “Scott” McGrady auditioned to be the new front man of Decadence. The guys hit it off in short order and it was a perfect fit, resulting in the current lineup of the band. After months of diligently searching for the perfect lineup and an unyielding drive to complete and already experienced and well-known local band, the guys were chomping at the bit, and next focused on refining their material and creating a sound that would separate Decadence from the masses in the Columbia, SC scene. They immediately set to work writing new original material and in a surprisingly short time they were producing songs with a foundation in such bands as Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Bullet for my Valentine, and Killswitch Engage.

Truly the cream of the local musical crop, the unrelenting rhythms of drummer Ben Burriss and bassist Ryan “Wick” Wicker are the foundation on which the bone shattering riffs and immaculate guitar work of songwriter Dustin Welch are built, and fellow guitarist Will Clark builds upon this already formidable sound to create music that is truly original in scope. The relentless vocals of front man Jeremy “Scott” McGrady complete the experience, and in addition to the catalogue of well known Decadence anthems such as “Not Me” and “Forced Feelings,” the band has steadily produced a new generation of unique and powerful originals. Songs like “Rise Above” and “Please Tell Me” give the band a radio-ready sound, while other, chunkier tunes like “Betrayed” and “Driven” allow them the ability to cross over into a heavier genre without alienating more commercial fans, ensuring that Decadence is a band that will doubtless be emulated, but seldom matched.

When Decadence takes the stage, they provide a nonstop, in your face live show that is unrelenting from start to finish, with a level of energy that is rarely seen in local bands. The members have an impressive collective resume, having spent time touring and playing in venues across the nation, and band members have shared the stage with countless regional and national acts including Shinedown, Tantric, Straight Line Stitch, Soil, Crossfade, Trust Company, Smile Empty Soul, Deepfield, Seven Mary Three, Social Burn, Saliva, Flyleaf, and Sevendust.


Villain's is a high energy HEAVY Metal Band from South Carolina.

Into The Depths

Into the Depths formed in july 2008, originally intended as a side project, with the break up of Order in Ruin it became the main focus. The band was formed with Nick, Brian, Jeff and Metal Mike Rucker on drums. The band Then wrote 7 songs and played many shows before parting ways with the original drummer in late 2009. With plans on recording, Scott Hoult ( Guitarist for Full Color Guilt) was asked to write a few songs and record with the band. All tho these days Scott focuses on guitar he is one of columbias best metal drummers. Scott accepted the invite. The Cd was recorded at soundlab studios with Bob Moore in 2010. Currently the 7 song Cd is complete but has not yet been released. The band then begin working with a new drummer and playing several more shows in 2010 and early 2011. After parting ways with that drummer the band lucked up and landed Former Diavolo drummer Winston Mitch Varn. Mitch liked the bands sound and looked forward to learning the current set list and writing new songs with the band. Finally the band had a drummer that could hang with and follow Brians riffing. Mitch is a perfect fit for Into the Depths and they are continuing on their mission to think outside the box. Into the Depths has never stayed in one genre of metal. In an Into the Depths song you can hear a thrash riff, into a death metal breakdown, into a melodic chorus into a metalcore riff etc. in any order and they do this repeatedly. They are true fans of Metal and if its heavy Brian will write it and the band will use it. The band is currently focused on writing new material, playing shows and has plans on recording an album and making a video. Their has also been talk of adding a second guitarist if the right person can be found. But as for this fabulous four, the current and Final Into the Depths, I see no end in sight.

Imaginary Enemy

Hard Rock Band from Columbia, SC. For fans of Coheed and Cambria, Nothing More, and 10 Years.


Metal/Punk band based out of Columbia SC.

Angels Among Ashes


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