Weird N Awful

Weird N Awful

Weird and Awful is a concert company that gives creative individuals a place to go and showcase their talent.

Rakeem Miles (Founder) and Rex The Rager (Co founder) of "Weird and Awful". Delaware doesn't have a strong music scene as of yet, so Rakeem, Rex The Rager, 87 Collective, Sije, Matt Granpap, and Scab

skateboarding, and the help of various artist in Delaware have been putting together the scene in venues that fit 150 to 200 and we have been packing out every show.

Rakeem and Rex believe the loyalty in Delaware is strong, they feel the only reason any company like "Weird and Awful" will only be successful "because of the Delaware artist" supporting each other. Rakeem and Rex feel the company "Weird and Awful" is going to be something that every artist can say they created, they don't want to take owner ship for how big it gets because without the people it wouldn't be successful.

The concept of Weird and Awful is to give the creative youth, and creative individuals in general, a place to go and showcase their talent.

People might ask "What does Weird and Awful mean?" When people state that something is Weird they tend to move away from it, therefore to them it's "awful" to be weird in their minds. So the Weird and awful name is basically picking fun at the "Closed minded" and eventually

Rakeem feels it will show its good to be different or so called "Weird" it's not an awful thing at all. What we want to do is provide an environment of people who are different, artsy, skateboard, hipsters, there's no label we just want to attract people with good vibes who like to be themselves and don't care what people think. Shows that we have had in the past we brought out Mike G of "Odd Future", Black Dave and Brandun Deshay.

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