The Nude Party

The Nude Party congealed as one unit in the southern mountain town of Boone, NC in 2013 and gained their namesake very literally. Bonded by isolation, house party debauchery, a religion based on pushing the limits of bad taste, and a precocious predisposition towards the Kinks, the Animals and the Velvets, they have burgeoned into a rock and roll act to be reckoned with. As the hysteria at their local shows steadily increases, so does their reputation with local law enforcement, forcing them daily more to seek employment anywhere but home. While snooping cops seeking to stamp out indiscriminate behavior scour the borders of their homestead the Nude Ranch, the group has prodigally exiled themselves and are staying scarce with a string of self booked tours and one night stands which have linked them up with with such likes as The Growlers, The Oblivians, La Luz, Night Beats, and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.
Their stripped down and bare bone sound, akin to the British Invasion being transplanted back into the Carolina mountains, has so far proven to have been unrecordable… until now. The secret? Sticking to the obvious and going down into a sweaty basement with a few mics, fewer clothes and a revolving door of comrades and goddesses falling by for as long as they can take the heat. Lately the Nudes have even gotten good at playing with their clothes on. However if any audience member feels the need to participate in the spirit of exhibitionism the stakes at the Party will unblinkingly be called and raised.

Well, where do I begin? I guess it all started when we where all born in the back room of an outback steakhouse in 1998, well sam was born in 2000, but I'd like to think he was born there with me(charlie) maxx and aaron. Any who, years later when aaron was living in clairmont, he felt something was missing in his life, and he was feeling pretty down for a couple weeks until he got a call from his old pal maxx who he met one day at the bombay bicycle club fan club, which only consisted of maxx and aaron, and sam was there because maxx brought him along. So maxx called aaron one day saying that he had a hankering for some sound playing, so maxx aaron sam and their pal charlie headed over to sams mansion in the hills of africa and the magic of noise was created. 25 years has passed since that day and the guys are still jammin hard, well kinda hard, actually pretty melo, but stiill, they had a crazy wild show at the guitar merchant!!

yeah so thats just the short story of a quirky silly girly funk band from outback steakhouse!

Four teenagers from the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

$8.00 - $10.00


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