Mystic Bowie's Talking Dreads

n “Life During Wartime,” the first single from Talking Heads’ 1979 album Fear of Music, David Byrne famously sang the immortal lyrics, “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco…no time for dancing…” Yet all those anti-fun declarations go gleefully out the window when Mystic Bowie, aka the “Head Dread,” takes the stage, re-imagining and infusing fresh life into the Talking Heads’ classic catalog with his high octane mix of roots reggae, ska and lover’s rock (aka “romantic reggae”).

Since debuting his musically revolutionary Talking Dreads project live at the High Times Music Festival on the beach in Negril in late 2015, the charismatic Jamaican-born singer and performer has electrified audiences at more than 100 shows across North America – spinning the heads of initially skeptical Talking Heads fans, and getting everyone else grooving along to the infectious, joyous rhythms and jubilant spirit of his native island. Considering the success of these events, it was only a matter of time before Bowie – who has lived in the Northeastern U.S. for many years – headed back to his cherished homeland and set up shop at the famed Barry O’Hare Studios in Ocho Rios. He gathered old friends he had played music with since childhood, along with younger musicians, legendary Jamaican artists and other surprise guests to capture all the magic of his live performances on the epic, 13 track recording Mystic Bowie’s Talking Dreads.

“Talking Dreads is much more than a cover band,” Mystic says. “I am very much drawing on my own musical culture and history to make these amazing songs my own, while at the same time preserving the integrity of the Talking Heads songs. I’ve always felt that reggae’s dance-inspiring, feel good vibe is universal, as are many of the band’s songs. And don’t forget their intelligent, powerful lyrics, which are fun to sing and shine fresh light on through this new fusion of styles. It took a lot of effort to deconstruct and dissect each song to make it work seamlessly with my singing and performance style. I removed all the instrumentation, kept the story and words, then created my own reggae, Caribbean and tribal feel and married those two elements – then brought back a few of the melodies that captured my attention back in the day.”

We're not saying we're a Ska band. We're not saying we're a Reggae band. But just because we're not saying it doesn't mean we're not SKANKING it. We play our own brand of Jamaican inspired Rock & Soul. Hittin' onna twos and fours, it's ours and it's yours!

We're not here to impress you with how many musical pioneers we've called bandmates, but we could. We're not going to claim fame by dropping the names of superstars with whom we've shared a stage, but we could. We aren't at the forefront of any political movement. We wouldn't want to be.

What we do, we do for fun. The rest is up to you. If you want a sermon, go to church. If you want a pep rally, go to high school. If you want to have fun, come to a Sound System Seven show. Buy our CD or download/stream our music! You listen, you dance and we play. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's all there is to it. If you party with us, we promise only those without a pulse will keep still.

$12 in advance, $15 doors, $25 Seats & Eats


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