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DJ Spun

New York based DJ Spun is a Producer and DJ originally from Northern California. Owns and operates the Rong Music label. Since 2003 he has headed up the label, a dual imprint collaboration with DFA, Tu Rong , and finally Promo Only - which brought the world wide disco edit craze to America.
Although his productions are based in the Electronic genre, his personal journey through music began with punk rock then through hip hop and the birth of House and continues to this day.

Secret Studio

Bai-ee and Tyrel Williams have been inspiring each other musically as djs for over a decade. Both with Chicago roots they came up on the diverse sounds of the area before transplanting themselves in San Francisco. Under the Secret Studio moniker they are beginning to release tracks. Starting with Acid Bath and Home Bass (featuring D'Marc Cantu). These two hard hitting acid cuts represent the overall aesthetic and future direction of their label www.SSRecords.info

Originating out of room 147 at the Secret Studios Annex in San Francisco, Secret Studio is the launching pad for the collaborative Dj and production efforts of Tyrel Williams & Bai-ee.

Long time residents at www.HousepitalitySF.com, they moved into the Secret Studios Annex where they combined gear and began recording music. Soon their studio became a go-to environment for hosting acts before and after shows at Housepitality and Acid Test SF.

The result has been countless sessions, with premier artists and numerous upcoming EP's.


WERD. has been providing House & Techno lovers nearly a decade of solid Sunday nights. Now in it's 10th year, the party continues to evolve, creating intimate moments in the San Francisco House and Techno scene. WERD.'s focus continues to provide fresh experiences, through forward-thinking music and unique guest appearances.

Jimmy B has been acclaimed amongst the finest DJs in the everlasting underground scene of the Bay Area. As a Bay Area resident growing up in the 80s, Jimmy was fortunate to be influenced by a diverse array of culture, especially In the late 90s when he was introduced to various forms of underground music around the post west coast rave scene.

As years went by the massive rave culture diminished, politics and new regulations pushed things underground into warehouses, lofts and intimate outdoor gatherings. This is when Jimmy and his creative friends really became intrigued and manifested their own party crew under the name RXFX. They spent much of their time organizing events catering to vibe-driven underground house music.

Between throwing warehouse parties in Santa Cruz, he and his friends would travel up to San Francisco and frequent the Green Gorilla Lounge, Sunset Soundsystem, DHP and Slide undergrounds. They would also hit up The Velvet Shop on Thursdays in San Jose. It was during these formative years and events that led to Jimmy’s first gigs at small gatherings and later moving into nights at local Santa Cruz venues including The Blue Lagoon, Margaritaville, 418 Project and The Catalyst.

During college, while attending the Green Gorilla and Velvet Shop parties, Jimmy befriended DJ M3 and Anthony Mansfield and they shortly took the SF newbie under their wings, getting him involved as a resident with the legendary Green Gorilla Crew. The nights of quality house music and morning grooves continued mostly in the form of Green Gorilla loft and warehouse parties. Later DJ M3 acquired The Triple Crown where the Green Gorilla Crew DJ'd frequently for three years before its close and subsequently led to the opening of Monarch where the crew continues to share magical evenings of solid house music.

Jimmy continues to be a strong supporter of the SF Bay underground, his events and DJ sets continue to hit the ears of hungry underground house fans. He has co-founded System and his own event VOX. He tours several times a year spreading the good word of west coast underground house, all while continuing to contribute to Green Gorilla Lounge and their Burning Man travels with the Disco Knights. Jimmy’s recent WERD residency at Monarch showcases weekly vibe-laden guest alongside co-residents DJ Kimmy Le Funk, Zoz, Nick Williams, Rachel Torro and Woo. It's no secret that Jimmy has his finger on the pulse of SF underground dance music.

WERD. / Outpost / AYLI

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WERD.! Now in its 10th Year of House and Techno every Sunday night in San Francisco. Special guest weekly along with residents Woo, Zoz and Jimmy B. Limited $5 early bird presale tickets avaialble now. $5-$10 cover day of. WERD UP! more info www.werd.info

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