Lords Of The Trident, OZAI, Axattack, Knightmare

Lords Of The Trident

Traditional / Classic / 80's Heavy Metal band from Madison, WI.

Comprised of members Phillip Rich (vocals), James Nelson (guitars), Paul Wood (drums), and Cole Millward (bass), Ozai sheds the skin of its former moniker, S.I.Q. - Society in Question, and becomes the next evolution. Drawing upon such influences as Dream Theater, Opeth, and Meshuggah, Ozai combines the Djent phenomenon with their own unique flavor of contemporary Progressive Metal to create music without limitation.

Thrash metal from Primitive Ways Records of Columbia, SC

For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Preist and Testament.

Storming out of the gates from the get go, Knightmare was created to rock your mind, and give you a blast from the past, with a good touch of modern and pioneering sounds. Giving you slamming drums, killer bass, and of course, the twin tower attack. An act that you will not so easily forget. A live show full of energy and passion for music. Raise the banner and smash down the gates! Lets bring back the days of heavy metal.



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