PILLORIAN (former members of Agalloch, Arkum, and Uada)

of, or relating to, scorn and condemnation.

Pillorian was formed in early Summer of 2016 by Stephen Parker (ex­Arkhum), John Haughm (ex­Agalloch), and Trevor Matthews (ex­Infernus/Uada) with the goal to create a unique, sinister, and twisted style of dark/black metal. Fusing haunting melodies with avantgarde structures, dark folk elements and blackened walls of furious sound; the music of Pillorian is the perfect aural definition of its namesake.

Pillorian's debut album "Obsidian Arc" was released on the highly respected German label, Eisenwald Records, in April 2017. In support of this album, Pillorian toured Europe with Valborg and Inquisition and played a number of high profile festivals including; Roadburn (Netherlands), Inferno (Norway), Dark Easter (Germany), Ragnarök (Germany), Dudefest (Germany), and SWR(Portugal). Most recently, the band was sole support to Wolves In The Throne Room on their "Thrice Woven" US tour this past October.

Shadow of the Destroyer

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All Hell

All Hell is a metalpunk band from Asheville, North Carolina, drawing influences and inspiration from dark and horrific films, literature, art, and history.

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