Hi, my name is Ron Gallo. My previous artist bio started like this:

I straddle the fence between two mindsets:

1. The world is completely fucked.

2. The universe is inside you.

I sat on that (mostly in vans) long enough to lean heavily towards #2.

I sat in vans a lot this past year because at one point in time I was frustrated with humanity (but really myself) and from that came an album called HEAVY META. Apparently the sentiment
resonated more with people in 2016 then when I wrote those songs in my apartment in Philadelphia in 3-4 years before that (probably because thecurrent political and social climate) so suddenly that darkness turned into doing a lot of stuff I always wanted to do but never thought I would or could - like travel around with my friends, Joe Bisirri (bass) and Dylan Sevey (drums), and play shows for people with bands we love in places all over the world: Naked Giants, White
Reaper, The Black Angels, Twin Peaks, Thee Oh Sees, Hurray F
or the Riff Raff to name a few.

Write what you know!

They say.

Okay. 2017: Being constantly on highways, in vans, on planes, on stages, in greenrooms, on guestlists, turning a person into a brand, turning a real life human moment into a song into
content into an asset to be monetized, talking to people about myself and stuff I wrote 3 years ago, watching it all unfold in the public eye from a phone in a van on a highway heading to a

Do all that. Get back home for days at a time. Seek solitude. Friends and family and acquaintances followed along on Instagram. They think it looked glamorous out there living the

They ask me all about it, but I know the truth - its boring and unrelatable to identify as a musician rather than just a human - so I dont have much to say about it besides it happened and it wasnt what I thought it would be and it was beautiful and I am grateful but mostly this whole world of pursuing music and the music business is hilarious and none of it really matters in the grand scheme of things.

So the way I process all that is through an EP called Really Nice Guys which came out 1/19/18 on New West Records. On it you can find auto-tune, tantrums about algorithms, songs featuring iPhone tabla about being on a guestlist, underwhelming solos, a song called "YouTubular" and the true star of the whole thing: my moms boyfriend, Jerry, who
we secretly captured candidly talking about the EP and made
it the lead vocal on "Pull Quote" the EP's closing track.

For more perspective on yourself - Google image:Earth

Boom, ya gone,

With love, see you soon,
Ron Gallo

Sit N' Spin

With three full-length albums, countless singles, compilations and American and European tours under their collective belt, Sit n' Spin have been praised by the press and gained fans all over the world, including Tokyo's fabulous's and BBC Radio's legendary DJ John Peel (RIP). Their music has even been featured in the MGM surf/teen/sex flick, "Board Heads." While comparisons have been made to artists such as The Ramones, The Ronettes and Link Wray, Sit n' Spin do what they did best — made music that combined the best of garage rock and roots rock with their own personal brand of wit.

Sit n' Spin rocked for 10 years, and after a decade-long hiatus, are back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album, Pappy’s Corn Squeezin’. Their latest album, Doin' Time with Sit n' Spin, "...full of fast fun originals that range from Ramones-y pop/punk to rockabilly and surf" (Star Ledger) was well received, and according to Time Out New York, Sit n' Spin "kick plenty of ass."

Sit n’ Spin is: Monica Falcone, Heidi Lieb, Maria McKenna, and Anna Blumenthal

$13.00 - $15.00


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