Sisters of Soul! And the Santa Barbara All Star Band Ft. Rosemary Butler & Leslie Lembo

Rosemary Butler

Rosemary Butler, the heroine of classic harmonies and rocking melodies, can hardly be compared to any other artist. Her vocal expertise is not only a technical marvel that demands respect (she has a four octave mezzo-soprano vocal range!), but it is a beautiful experience that the muses, themselves, would be jealous of.

Since she was a little girl, Rosemary found musical influences everywhere she went. Her family was full of music fans that encouraged her to learn how to sing, play piano, and read music. A trip to Disneyland changed her life forever when she was granted to opportunity to sing on the theme park’s radio station for all of its patrons. She grabbed the microphone from the DJ, belted out an improvised song right on the spot and has been hooked on the lime-light ever since.

Her childhood house was near a Fender Guitar plant that she would often sneak off to and marvel at the guitars. There, she secretly learned about guitars without anyone in her family knowing! It was only a matter of time until she was singing and playing Beatles songs and “The House of the Rising Sun” and she never looked back.

The self-proclaimed “Valley Girl” began her career playing the bass guitar and singing in an all-girl Orange County based band called the “Ladybirds”. The band appeared on several L.A. area television shows and even opened for The Rolling Stones in 1964! Her obvious talent and keen ear for talent allowed her to form the all-female hard rock band “Birtha” that released two albums for ABC-Dunhill Records. After they split up in 1973, she became a back-up singer that gained popularity in her own right in the late 1970s and early '80s. Her vocals have appeared alongside talented artists like Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Loggins, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Jackson Browne, Ray Charles, and many other A-list superstars. She later won a “Telly” award for a compilation video of her performances with these artists that she put together as an introspective for her fascinating career.

Her own solo singer career has blossomed as a result of her proximity to Rock & Roll’s greatest legends. She sang on the soundtrack for the Japanese motion picture Dirty Hero on its title track "Riding High" in 1982. Soon afterwards, Rosemary released her first solo album, Rose, in 1983 and her solo career has been unstoppable ever since. The vocal talents of this maestro sent her all across the globe on tours that have been to Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, and many others. She was also the contractor and the co-conductor of the 100 Voice Choir that was featured on Neil Young's Living With War album and movie. The Superbowl, President Clinton’s Inauguration, and The Grammy’s have all been graced with her unparalleled vocals. Rosemary released her latest album, You Just Watch Me, in 2013 with the help of her friends Kenny Loggins and Jackson Browne (along with his original touring band) which was met with great critical acclaim.

Rosemary is a multilingual vocalist that can sing in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and has interpreted her lyrics with sign language so her deaf fans may enjoy her work. Her vast knowledge of all things musical has allowed her to teach vocal performance, guitar, piano, and music theory in private lessons and in professional settings at UCLA. Her vocal teaching talents have been sought after by many of today’s famous voices, including Hilary Duff, Richard Marx, and Bette Midler. She also cofounded "The National In-Choir," an LA-based volunteer holiday choir with singer/lyricist Deborah Pearl.

Rosemary Butler has the Rock n’ Roll knowledge and expertise to carry a wonderful tune into professional completion. You can “just watch her” talents and musical knowledge on clear display in featured clips at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame alongside Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt. Find out more about Rosemary Butler and her brand new album, You Just Watch Me at:

Leslie Lembo

Leslie Lembo wanted to be a singer as far back as she can remember. Born in San Francisco into a musical family, she grew up surrounded by a myriad of musical styles. She journeyed through folk groups, rock & roll and rhythm & blues bands, at the same time becoming proficient on the guitar and harmonica. Song writing and classical voice study were also on her musical agenda. Influenced by Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughn, Gladys Knight and James Taylor, she shaped her own distinctive vocal style.

After graduating from the University of California with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Leslie co-founded the popular Southern California band “Raw Silk” and developed the vocal power and stage presence that she possesses today.

Leslie has been in constant demand as a first-class concert performer. Her impressive musical credentials include performances with Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Tower of Power, International Jazz Festival, Strawberry Festival and the Santa Barbara Vintners Festival.

Leslie has also used her vocal talents for causes she supports. She has performed her uplifting original music at benefit concerts for Planned Parenthood, United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Environmental Defense Center, Heal the Ocean and the Christmas Unity CD Project.

Based in the lovely beach town of Santa Barbara, Leslie enjoys hiking, kayaking, yoga and songwriting. Her music and voice come from a depth and beauty that etch a place in your soul. Just listen!


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