Mise en Scene

All are abundant throughout the nine tracks comprising Desire's Despair, the debut full-length from indie rock/pop pair Mise en Scene. Due to drop late 2012 on Winnipeg imprint Pipe & Hat, the record follows Mise en Scene's 2010 EP Late Night Triple Feature and is poised to propel this boisterous x-chromosome-only duo to a new plateau.

First uniting in small-town Manitoba through a mutual love of the arts, Stefanie Blondal Johnson (guitar/vocals) and Jodi Dunlop (drums) began painting together during the off-hours of their respective summer jobs. The partnership born of brushes and canvas soon evolved into one of road-worn six-strings and broken drumsticks. "We had totally different influences at the time," Johnson recalls, "but like our painting, it just felt so natural making music together."

Mulligrub is a twee-y feelingsy pop punkish band from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Bittersweet but mostly bitter.
Mulligrub has been a band since spring 2013.


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