Buckcherry exude a sleazy, sexy hard rock vibe that pays homage to classic rock 'n' roll tenets: decadence, excess and loose women. Formed in 1995 by frontman Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson in Los Angeles, Buckcherry offer the same danger and strip-club titillation of an earlier L.A. band, Guns N' Roses. In subsequent years, the Buckcherry lineup has fluctuated, but Todd and Nelson have remained the two permanent members.
Igniting on Their Debut:

Buckcherry's 1999 debut, simply titled Buckcherry, established the groundwork for the band's musical style. Drawing from Guns N' Roses and also old-school L.A. punk, but with a more radio-friendly sheen, Buckcherry trafficked in unapologetically good-time rock, a respite from the angst that had dominated most '90s bands. The opening track "Lit Up," Buckcherry's biggest hit, celebrated cocaine with revving riffs, and the rest of the album followed its lead in embracing hedonism without reservation. The album eventually went gold.
A Real 'Bomb':

The band's sophomore release, 2001's Time Bomb, proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment. The bad-boy attitude remained, but the album lacked the combustible singles that made Buckcherry such guilty-pleasure fun. For their part, Buckcherry blamed personnel changes at their floundering label, Dreamworks, for Time Bomb's inability to catch fire.
Buckcherry Take a Break:

After Time Bomb, Buckcherry went on hiatus, and the core members pursued other interests. Todd released a solo album, 2004's meager-selling You Made Me, and he and Nelson worked with former Guns N' Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum, sparking rumors that Todd would be the lead singer of Slash's supergroup Velvet Revolver, a job that eventually went to ex-Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland.
Call It a Comeback:

When Buckcherry reunited officially for their third album, 2006's 15, Todd and Nelson had parted ways with the rest of the original lineup. 15 proved to be an impressive comeback that ran the gamut of radio formats. "Crazy Bitch" was a hard-stomping sex song supported by a highly suggestive video, while "Sorry" was a sad-eyed acoustic ballad. Spawning a total of five singles, 15 went platinum in the United States and reaffirmed Buckcherry's commercial standing.
'Black Butterfly':

In September 2008, Buckcherry released their fourth album, Black Butterfly. The first single, "Too Drunk," takes a page from "Crazy Bitch" with its frank sexual content, but the song demonstrates a more groove-based approach than previous Buckcherry tracks.
'All Night Long':

After releasing their first live album, Live & Loud 2009, in 2009, Buckcherry returned on August 3, 2010 with All Night Long, their fifth studio album. Leading off with the title-track single, the record emphasized hard-rock tunes, but the album also made room for the ballads "I Want You" and "Bliss."

My Darkest Days

My Darkest Days is a new rock group based out of Toronto. The trio originally hails from the small town of Norwood Ontario. This small town atmosphere did not offer a lot of activities for young kids, so the band members have made music a part of their lives from a very early age. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Matt Walst has had music in his family all his life. In fact he co-wrote on his older brother's, Brad Walst, first album for Three Days Grace. Now joined by childhood friends Brendan Mc Millan (Bass) and Doug Oliver (Drums),and with the addition Toronto rocker Sal Costa(Guitar), My Darkest Days is ready to come to the mainstream.
My Darkest Days use high energy rock and roll, coupled with beautiful ballads to explore the feelings that burn inside all of us. With catchy melodies and lyrics to back them up My Darkest Days is slowly becoming a fan favorite. An energy filled live show combined with an energetic crowd make the band an unforgettable live experience.
The band has played with the likes of Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, Marianas Trench, Faber Drive, and Ill Scarlet, to name a few. They also placed third in the 97.7 Rock Search in 2006, and won Bandwarz in 2007. Bandwarz was a great experience for the band. The prizes, which included gear, clothing, a photo shoot and of course cold hard cash, proved to be very helpful in the bands progress in the last year.
Fans can also tune in to the Wolf 101.5 based out of Peterborough Ontario to hear their songs "Save Me", and more recently "Every Lie". Listeners can call in to request either song as well. It seems that things will only get better for MDD in 2010


Las Vegas will always be the city of sin, but it means a lot more to OTHERWISE.
While the rest of us go there to let off steam, roll the dice and enjoy the eye candy, OTHERWISE grew up in the shadows of all the bright lights and broken dreams. Las Vegas is their home, and it's where they've lived life, faced death, and climbed the mountain of trials and tribulations that have become True Love Never Dies, their debut album for Century Media Records.
"We weren't as aggressive when my brother and I first started jamming, but then things started to happen – people died, relationships ended and life got more real," says OTHERWISE frontman Adrian Patrick. Despite being raised in a tight-knit family, Adrian only started playing music with his brother – guitarist Ryan Patrick – a few short years ago. "Our writing was a lot simpler when we started, but as circumstances forced us to grow up, our music matured with us. Tragedies and loss are part of life, and our music is one of the ways we maintain a positive outlook despite the setbacks."
Nowhere is that more evident than on the band's breakthrough single, "Soldiers." The song began as a metaphor for the battle that unsigned bands go through to get their message heard as artists, then quickly transformed into an anthem for everyone living on the front-lines of life. "When I started writing the lyrics, I was staring at my bandmates and thinking that they are my brothers in arms," says the singer. "It was going to be our anthem, but by the time I finished I realized it was an anthem for our whole nation. We are all soldiers fighting for something, whether it's to put food on the table, to be heard, or just to be happy. Every soldier is human, and we're all human."
Already hailed by Fox News as the No. 1 unsigned band in America, "Soldiers" became the song that brought the local Vegas rockers to the national spotlight. Hand-picked to perform alongside Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch on the mainstage of the inaugural 48 Hours Festival in October 2011, MTV Headbangers Ball host and Sirius XM DJ Jose Mangin was so impressed by OTHERWISE that he immediately added "Soldiers" into rotation on Sirius XM's Octane channel.
In a matter of weeks, the track reached the top of Octane's charts, the single sold more than 10,000 units independently, and Las Vegas' best-kept secret was making tremors at a national level. They signed with Century Media Records in December, began recording their debut album with acclaimed producer Jay Baumgardner [Godsmack, Bush, Papa Roach, Seether, Sevendust, P.O.D.] at his NRG Studios in January, and in February embarked on their first national tour as a band, opening for Pop Evil.
"Soldiers" is the first time America is hearing OTHERWISE, but it's not the first time they're hearing Adrian Patrick, who was the featured male vocalist on the In This Moment single "The Promise," from the band's 2010 album A Star-Crossed Wasteland. Patrick was asked to record a scratch vocal for the song, so producer Kevin Churko could shop the track to more established vocalists... However, the results were so good his vocals ended up making the final cut, and his duet with In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink was promoted and performed on each date of 2010's Mayhem Tour. "Ryan and I followed Mayhem around in our Mom's decade-old minivan," says Adrian, who hit the road with his brother and put 17,000 miles on the vehicle, paying for gas by walking into the crowd and selling CDs on every date of the tour. "We had to send the van off to a junkyard right before Thanksgiving – I had a lump in my throat."
OTHERWISE aren't the first band to put their blood, sweat and tears into their music, but they are the only band who could have made True Love Never Dies – the 11-track debut is a testament to their perseverance in the face of adversity, and a living, breathing tribute to their cousin, who died shortly before they signed with Century Media. "Our cousin had those words tattooed on his neck, so now we're holding onto that idea, and the belief that true love never dies," explains Ryan of the album title.
On an album ripe with anthems, "Scream Now" and "Vegas Girl" are arena ready - the first a call to arms for everyone to scream out in unison (for loved ones, lost ones and life), while the latter is a testimonial of sorts – not pointed at any one girl in particular, but definitely targeting a particular "type" of girl. One of the album's more emotional moments is "1000 Pictures (I Don't Apologize)." "We wrote that song one night in Hollywood," says Ryan, "the chords came, the melodies came, heartbreak came right after... and the lyrics were written. It's an anthem for the heartbroken."
"When we look back at the songs and their subject matter, calling the album True Love Never Dies was very fitting," says Adrian. "We've worked really hard to get to this point, and this album is proof that hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of talent can take you a long way." Adds his brother Ryan, "we're at the foot of Everest now – we've been climbing the small desert hills in Vegas, now it's time for the mountain..."

Charm City Devils

From the working-class streets of Baltimore, Maryland, Charm City Devils return with their newest release, SINS. The band's second full length effort finds them adding harder, edgier tones to their blues based roots. The result of the band's life experiences over the past few years, Charm City Devils new release features an aggression and energy that hits you right between the eyes. From the first note of "Spite" to the last cymbal crash of "Unstoppable," SINS showcases the bands power, directness and new found energy and intensity.
Frontman John Allen explains "When we came off of the road at the end of Cruefest 2, we all felt so pumped and excited to keep moving and growing. We were so blown away at the reaction that we didn't want to lose that creative energy. We started laying down tracks and ideas for this record almost immediately".

"Everyone has ups and downs – that's life. I've been a professional musician since I could carry my gear and have seen and experienced what this industry 'good and bad' has to offer. We wanted SINS to be deep with songs that people can relate to. On this record I wanted to put it all out there with songs about love, anger, revenge, lust and all the emotions that I was feeling. Expressing what I, and everyone in this band, had been through. These feelings are universal. They touch everyone and we used our experiences to put together a powerful statement that we believe listeners can connect with."

In August Charm City Devils went into Sound Kitchen studios with Grammy winning producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Egypt Central). About the process, guitarist Nick Kay reflects, "Our previous record had been a compilation of songs written and recorded over a two to three year period. It was recorded in a couple of different settings and tracked by a few different people. This time we went into one studio with one producer to give the record a cohesive sound and direction".
"When it came to giving the record a title we wanted something that hit a nerve. We have five different personalities in this band and it can sometimes be a challenge to agree on one idea. The one thing we all could agree on is in one form or another we have all sinned. Some of us more than others" Allen chuckles…

Charm City Devils where discussing classic songs and if they should incorporate something into their set. John explains, "There were many ideas kicked around, but which one? "Man of Constant Sorrow" came up and we decided to give it a try. It's an incredibly powerful song but it was a challenge to develop and arrange it in a way that captured the essence of the song but would also ROCK! We all loved the version from "O Brother Where Art Thou?" Skidd and I built a foundation and with much tweaking and editing I think we delivered a great version of the song. The song transcends generations. It's a timeless classic and it's been around a long time and I'm excited to bring it to a whole new group of rock fans."
Not ones to completely forego their love of the blues, the band included the song "Devil Is A Woman" a subject matter speaking directly to the album title. Other songs like "Walk Away," "Start It Up" and "Love N War" showcases their influences and craft the music in a direction that shows depth and the commitment to making a great album.

Allen elaborates; "All You'll Ever Need" was written a few years back but never released. It's a slight departure from the overall record. We played it for a few close friends and the instant connection they had to the song made it clear we needed to put it on SINS. It's a great way to finish the record. For all the darkness, anger and vengeance that fills the album, this cut speaks to love. Maybe it's some form of redemption?"
"I buried a lot of feelings deep inside me and carried those conflicting emotions around for a long time. As I wrote this record it gave me the opportunity to bring those consuming emotions to the forefront and deal with them. I've always used music as an outlet for my feelings and have helped me get through some dark times in my life. I hope that these songs connect emotionally with our fans, old and new, and give them the same release from the burden of their SINS."

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