The Absurd is a true power trio, firing thunderous riffs, deep grooves and earworm hooks at audiences with equal capacity. One publication has called them "Queens of the Stone Age meets Jeff Buckley" (throw in some Radiohead, Pearl Jam & Jack White and you're halfway there) while another has stated that The Absurd "makes me want to drop something heavy".

In the past year The Absurd has ascended from nothingness into being, and is now known around Los Angeles for their electrifying live shows, constant songwriting output and relentless gigging. November 2016 saw the release of their first in-studio effort, "The Motherless Child EP," which was reviewed by publications like Buzzbands LA. In January of this year they completed their first LA residency complete with reviews from publications like Music Connection Magazine.

Since then they have become staples of the east LA/Hollywood scene at venues like Harvard & Stone, The Viper Room, Silverlake Lounge, The Satellite and The Lost Knight where they performed one of two performances at LA's Echo Park Rising festival, this past august.

The Absurd is presently in studio working on their latest release, all the while storming the city with their unique and explosive live shows.

Energetic, catchy, with a garage-rock influence mixed with a punk accent. NAME THE BAND is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles, CA, that debuted at Lollapalooza in 2013.

The YeahTones

The YeahTones is the tenacious rock ‘n’ roll brain-child of bandleader and frontman Jake Pinto.

Born of a natural healer and a business schemer (read: Florida man), Pinto’s deep-rooted lust for “peaceful” resistance has been long in the making.

In 2012, Jake graduated from private university with a degree in music, thousands of dollars in debt and an ample angst for the injustices of the world. Plagued by the typical anger and isolation of a 20 something New Yorker, Jake set aside his pricey jazz education in search of a new more liberating form of expression, enter The YeahTones.

On stage The YeahTones explode with punk energy to deliver the straightforward anguish of Jake’s unassuming songwriting. The band makes audiences thrash and scream then hands out a goody bag of catchy riffs and melodies to take home for later. They do all of this while wearing matching outfits.

The Brooklyn-based band’s debut record, Eviction Notice, released in October 2016 is the first presentation of their fearless, unpretentious rock ‘n’ roll. Keep an eye out for The YeahTones at a rock’n roll bar near you.

Westerner is an electronic, psychedelic rock band from LA. They're a ballsy, cocktail mix of psychedelic rock, disco, and trip hop. Think Pink Floyd meets Massive Attack meets late-90s electronica. Their songs are at once danceable and mesmerizing. You're bound to get swept up in this most unusual, confident sound.



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