Thee Deception

Punk band from the PNW :
Alex (Green River)
Dave Place (Ex's With Benefits)
Regan Hagar(Malfunkshun)
Cody Davis and Samuel Bligh (BUFFALOES).

Destroy All Gondolas

Black surf punk band from Venezia, Italy born from the ashes of Minkions, Gonzales (5), The Hormonas.
Pido (Enrico Stocco) - vocals & guitar
Biondo (Andrea Carpenè) - bass & backing vocals
Lalo (Corrado Linzi) - drums & backing vocals

Communist Eyes

COMMUNIST EYES might be the remains of Seattle punk inventions The Derelicts, Zip Gun, Christ on a Crutch, and other people's long lost children. But then again, maybe they're just a loud form of boogie punk and roll. Hailing from depths of the Ballard Bowl, COMMUNIST EYES will, at least, put some blood on the wall...


the ultimate band in Kobe, Japan: GŪTARA KYŌ, which roughly translates to "Crazy Slovenlies". They brought us back to the first time we heard BAD BRAINS as teenagers, which sent blood rushing into the skull, pulsing & curdling in our adolescent disbelief & delight, the kind of sensation adults try to recreate by sniffing things into their noses. There is a youthful fury & hilarity in Matsumoto-san's Japanese hollerings, over a piercing skree their album from start to finish. Somehow simultaneously harnessing the staggering garage punk exuberance of TEENGENERATE and the blistering hardcore urgency of LOS CRUDOS.

$6.00 - $8.00


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