Flying Buffaloes

Flying Buffaloes

Flying Buffaloes, as a band, represents the essence and energy of the current musical climate in Nashville; the converging sounds of the traditional country honky-tonk mentality with the new wave of gritty East Nashville rock & roll. Their sound is reminiscent of The Eagles, vocally, with Beatles-esque harmony and a swampy, Rolling Stones-meets-CCR rhythm section. Country influences like Waylon Jennings. Willie Nelson, and Chris Stapleton radiate through in Flying Buffaloes songwriting, instrumentation, and lyrics.

This menagerie of influencers is evident in the group’s upcoming debut release, Taking Off, which features songs written by co-frontmen Barry Stone, Johan Stone, and Jordan Harazin. While running the emotional gamut with songs about friendship, lovers’ scorn, and growing up, The 5-track EP has a prevailing feeling of unity, borne out of the frustration experienced by each of the five band members in dealing with Berlin, Germany native, Johan Stone’s immigration troubles.

“We’d have these sporadic, highly creative periods together, and then [Johan] would have to return to Germany to work out his visa,” says drummer, Danny Pratt. “It’s been a struggle, but the whole experience has brought us closer together.”

It’s the emotions induced by this struggle, coupled with the guys’ strong friendship and a sense of levity, that make Flying Buffaloes’ live performance so engaging.

Smiles are often exchanged, mid-song, between band members as they ebb and flow through a range of dynamics and grooves. Lead guitarist Tommy Leland adds, “When it comes down to it, our show is all about having fun and connecting both as a band and with the audience. We just really like being out on the town together and hanging.” It’s this shared social and music connection that has allowed a guy like Johan from an ocean and a continent away to instantly fit in with a bunch of midwesterners and furthermore, resonate with listeners across the globe. You can hear Taking Off and find Flying Buffaloes on tour, Summer 2017.


RailHopper is a brand new power trio from Madison, WI that plays a high energy mix of Honky Tonk and Southern Rock.
Drawing on the high level of musicianship of it's members, RailHopper keeps the party going, dance floor jumpin' and always delivers a powerful live experience.

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