The Rumours

The Rumours

The Rumours are a female-fronted, teenage rock band from Waterloo, IA. They formed during the last few months of their senior year of high school and are heavily influenced by loud, raw, real and classic rock n roll!

The Rotten Tommys

Formed in 2013 in Madison, WI, The Rotten Tommys screech, pound, and shred their way through a catalog of scorched earth rock and roll that has quickly earned them a reputation as a future must-see act. Only it's no act -- that shit is real. And in the future... figure that out, braniac.

Line Up:
Thor (gtr, voc, sharpshooter): raised by wolves in northern Wisconsin, he can lick any sonofabitch in the house. And your girlfriend wants him. Convicted: 2008, reckless endangerment with a Fender Mustang.

C.A. (gtr,voc, getaway driver): former mechanic, enforcer, and rust repairer, he has been cuffing his jeans since the age of 2. He once beat Philo Cramer in a bare knuckle fight (but lost the other 3). Better looking than Bukowski but doesn't write as well. Convicted: 2006, Operating a Les Paul under the influence. Escaped 2009... last seen riding his '71 bobber off into the hills of Mount Horeb.

Nuke (drums, goon): born in a woodshed he is taken back there often for behavioral reconditioning and injections of the experimental drug "four-beat-ol." Chained to the bumper during load ins he is crated for transport to gigs. Convicted: 2008, assault and battery of an Acrolite. Currently on deaf row.

Pepper (bass, collection): assumed prom queen throne after bloody war of a succession, she greases the action with club owners and is the brains of the outfit. Acquitted: Bribery, grand theft auto-tune, and intimidating a bouncer.



$3 under 21 surcharge collected at the door.

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