King Leisure

King Leisure

King Leisure was formed in 2016 in the Suburban DC area by a core group of musicians and writers: David Poznansky (bass/vocals), Chris Taylor Boyer (Guitar) and Andrew Harvey (guitar/vocals). Additionally Jake Edson (Drums) joined King Leisure as full time band member in 2017. Their first release, ‘Leisure EP’, is a composition which illustrates the range and dynamism of this new and exciting band.

Recorded at Mystery Ton Studios with Kenny Eaton during the summer 2017, ‘Leisure EP’’ is a meditation on finding one’s place in the world and creating momentum within the group. These personal truths are woven between rich layers of atmospheric chorus, rhythmic passages, and an open, playful palette that keeps the sound fresh while paying homage to a history of rock, punk and garage.

King Leisure seeks to engage the listener with their first message moving “Thought Into Action”.

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