Tetrachromat, Die Like Gentlemen, Marv


Tetrachromat is a 4 piece progressive metal band. We employ extended range instruments and layered guitar affects in our writing and performance. We take a lot of influence from contemporary progressive metal, which seeks to blend a variety of different styles of music together into one package. Our band consists of 8-string guitarist Frank Rowland, 6-string guitarist Nathan Malick, 5-string bassist Ethan Wilson and drummer Josh Pehrson. Balancing our work and school schedules, the four of us began jamming together in the Fall of 2015, and have since performed a number of times at bars, venues and house shows around Bellingham. We will be recording an album this summer, 2016.

Die Like Gentlemen

Like an unwanted gray hair, Die Like Gentlemen sprung out of the heavy music scene in Portland, Oregon: distinguished, ornery, and unstoppable. Steeped in Sabbathesque riffs, progressive arrangements and melodic anger, these whiskey-swilling gentlemen are aiming to spread their sludge across the Pacific Northwest.

"Marv was forged in the depths of a bowling alley for the sole purpose of creating loud, heavy, progressive rock music. With the corpses of 1000 guitar pedals at their feet, Marv built a wall of amplifiers to defend themselves from the rolling thunder that was constantly crashing above their heads. Marv has an unreasonably large record collection. Marv sold his car to buy a synthesizer. Marv stays in on Friday night to learn King Crimson songs. Listen to Marv.

Marv features members of Brownes Condition, Horror Business, Scary Monster and the Super Creeps, So Adult, Guillotine Eyes, and Shook Ones."


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