"After 10 years of constantly sold out shows in the bay area, Mortified comes to San Jose!
See adults share their actual, hilarious, and embarrassing teen diaries, poems, and songs all read by the original authors in front of total strangers.

Find out more at www.getmortified.com

or the extended version:

Mortified stars everyday adults sharing their most embarrassing and real childhood letters, lyrics, journals, home movies and artwork... in front of total strangers. Part comedy, part theater, part therapy.
The largest and longest-running project of its kind, Mortified produces comedic content for the stage, the page, podcasts, and the web. Its latest book, Mortified: Love Is a Battlefield, is in stores everywhere.

Participants include a wide range of people, from professional performers (comics, celebrities, singers) to total amateurs (architects, ad execs, salesmen) all in the noble pursuit of self-degradation. Personal redemption through public humiliation.

Share the shame.

$13.00 - $15.00


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