The Cosmic Coronas

They didn't know it at the time, but for years the members of The Cosmic Coronas were on an inevitable collision course toward the creation of the ultimate rock experience with tasty bits of soul, punk, folk and funk. Their desire to use music to ignite the cosmic connection between us all launched them rapidly from casual jam sessions to headlining respected venues across NYC, including Mercury Lounge, American Beauty, and Webster Hall.

The brilliance of the Cosmic Coronas began with the after-work jam between co-workers and CEO of a Midtown recruiting firm. In the winter of 2014, Brad Widolok, the boss in the office and commander of screaming lead guitar lines, met up with the smooth and sophisticated, lifelong rhythm guitarist Noah Nielsen and natural-athlete-turned-natural-rockstar Kevin Gayson on acoustic at New York’s Euphoria Studios.

Ever the recruiter, Kevin invited a couple of friends from his college days at the University of Albany to forge a rhythm section for the guitar trio.

And so Dan Raiani, bass guitar, and Nick Brucaliere, drums, hauled over to Manhattan for a casual jam - two friends from Suffern, New York who have been performing together since the fourth grade, in bands ranging from rock, funk, metal, ska, jazz, marching, and more. Dan and Nick brought a technical proficiency and deep groove that blended with the recruiters’ roaring jams to reach cosmic proportions... almost.

By early 2015, the group was ready to take these increasingly uncontainable outpourings of feeling to the next level, so Dan and Nick reached out to another SuffTown native, Alexa Lindberg, who they knew had the pipes powerful enough to command this formidable ensemble. Her mighty vocals breathed life, emotion, and deeply relatable soul into the music; and so the Cosmic Coronas were born.

​Drawing from the bandmates' varied influences, including Led Zeppelin, Alabama Shakes, Jefferson Airplane, Stevie Nicks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bruce Springsteen, The Cosmic Coronas recorded "The Grove" EP at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY, with Grammy Award winning producer Dave Clauss (Mastered by Mark Santangelo at The Mastering Palace).

Propelled by Alexa’s soulful, vintage vocals against a mighty five-piece backdrop, The Cosmic Coronas released “The Grove” May 30th, 2017 with a mission to spread the cosmic vibes all across NYC, the USA, and beyond. The band is full of new songs and looking forward to recording again soon.


Roctopus is an IN-YOUR-FACE six-piece band from New York City. They are able to play any style or genre of music. They coat the walls with gooey, sticky funk and make it impossible not to hump things.

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