Clash of the Decades: The Original 80s vs 90s Tribute: Here's to the Night/New Romance

Clash of the Decades: The Original 80s vs 90s Tribute: Here's to the Night/New Romance

Hosted by Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell)

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then the memories and stories that a particular song can evoke are worth a million. Clash of the Decades: The Original 80s vs. 90s Tribute is a non-stop thrill ride, aiming to bring these memories to the surface, as patrons enjoy a non-stop nostalgic party. From new wave and electropop to alt-rock and hip hop, two of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier tribute acts have now come together for this special limited engagement.

The New Romance is the Ultimate 80s experience, cranking out an incredible nonstop high-energy show that will leave you breathless. Since their inception, this 80s obsessed rock quintet has focused on playing the songs you know and love with stunning accuracy. You'll be singing and dancing for hours, as your favorite mix tape of the 80s comes to life!

Here's to the Night immerses listeners in a full spectrum 90s experience, with a song list comprised of some of the most fun and energetic songs from the era. From start to finish, audiences are transformed back to high school, as the party vibe transcends the stage and makes its way to the dance floor. You’ll hear all the alt-rock classics, one-hit wonders, boy bands and hip hop legends that can be crammed into a single evening.

These two groups bring their years of experience, sprawling repertories and “frontman” performing mentalities to the table to give audiences an unforgettable live experience that is as visually interesting as it is sonically impressive. Guest DJ’s add an extra layer to the party, mashing up the decades in between live sets.

Big hair, chain wallets, fanny packs, slap bracelets…bust it all out and we’ll settle this battle on the dance floor.

$100.00 - $150.00


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