The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are a band & they are a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & they came to life in 2005 & they write songs & those songs are sometimes about people they love & those songs are sometimes about people you might have loved & those songs are sometimes about a city that could be the city you live in or a neighborhood that feels like it could be your neighborhood & they put those songs on albums & they put those songs on The Upsides in 2010 & they put those songs on Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing in 2011 & on The Greatest Generation in 2013 & on No Closer to Heaven in 2015 & those albums were loved by critics & even more loved by fans & their shows are awash with a genuine emotional energy that only they can pull out of a room & The Wonder Years are a band made up of old friends & they play rock & roll music & they play it like they mean it & they have played it in a lot of places & in front of a lot of people & they have played it in dive bars & arenas & outside with the whole sky bowing & they have played it on five continents & they have played it in thirty countries & they are still counting & Sister Cities is their new album & it is an album about how all of our distance might not be so wide after all & it was written with the world on fire & all of the songs sound like they are trying to build you a bridge from somewhere bad to somewhere better & The Wonder Years are a band & they are also bridge builders.

Between the power pop melodies of early Saves the Day and the hard driving fold rhythms of Fleetwood Mac lies TIGERS JAW, a band who's raw immediacy is infectious and intoxicating. Shimmering organ textures, chunky guitar chords, and male/female vocal harmonies show the Scranton, PA natives taking rural rock music from its legendary past to its vibrant future. Among the more innovative acts on Run For Cover Record's star studded roster, TIGERS JAW have a profound musical purity that is as equally stirring in a basement of 40 people as it is in a club of 1,000.

Tiny Moving Parts

Trio from Benson, Minnesota. The band takes influences from emo, math, alternative and power pop among others.

“I wrote the majority of the songs on this record thinking about what past versions of myself
would’ve needed or been listening to at different points in my life,” explains Worriers’ Lauren
Denitizio of Survival Pop , their sophomore album. “I think we’re all probably having a tough time
right now and I hope that the songs on the record can be intentionally uplifting and cathartic.
The record is called Survival Pop because I see it as songs for self-preservation.”
From enduring years of health issues that led to open heart surgery at the age of 25, to growing
up queer, to losing friends to suicide and substance abuse, Lauren is no stranger to life’s
hurdles. But make no mistake, while these experiences influenced the creation of Survival Pop ,
the record avoids self-pity and offers instead a triumphant rallying cry, a celebration of
overcoming, and an empowering journey to self-actualization. “Simply finding a way of surviving
in the face of illness and loss, misogyny, homophobia and the patriarchy is still a threat to those
things - it’s a forward, aggressive action,” they explain.
Survival Pop was recorded in Fenton, Michigan with Marc Jacob Hudson, who worked with
Worriers on their debut full-length, Imaginary Life , alongside Laura Jane Grace. Lauren met
Marc through Laura and the two felt an immediate musical kinship. While on previous records
Lauren had been the sole member to stay throughout the process with other musicians leaving
after recording their parts, for Survival Pop Lauren worked and lived for over two weeks
alongside Lou Hanman (guitar), Mikey Erg (drums), Nick Psillas (bass) and John McLean
(guitar). The result is a record that is Worriers’ mostly tightly crafted yet, never straying from
their punk roots while expanding their sound to something infinitely accessible and poppy,
carried throughout by the strength of Lauren’s vocal melodies.
In addition to being an accomplished musician for over a decade, Lauren is also a gifted artist
and writer, with an MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons and a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode
Island School of Design. The longtime Brooklyn resident, who recently migrated to Philadelphia,
has shown at galleries throughout the United States and has done international residencies in
Berlin and Reykjavik. Worriers and Lauren have received praise from numerous notable
publications including NPR, Pitchfork, New York Times, Village Voice and MSNBC, and have
toured with Against Me!, Julien Baker and John K. Samson among others.

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