SPINDRIFT is a psychedelic western influenced cinematic rock band created by singer-songwriter-composer-producer-actor Kirpatrick Thomas. Founded in 1992, the band originated in the small college town of Newark, Delaware however, after much local activity, the band relocated to Los Angeles, CA in Oct 2001. Heavily influenced by such bands as The Doors, My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, Bruce Haack, and Chrome, Spindrift’s early "East Coast" stages were heavier, experimental, and differed greatly from their present Ennio Morricone cinematic inspired sound. However, the bands unique, ideal, creative DIY style, and knack for a hard working tour ethic has always remained as a mainstay throughout the years. While recording and releasing early experimental works on local labels through the 90’s, the group performed mostly in and around the East Coast (CBGB’s, Star Bar Atlanta, The Stone Balloon(DE), Khyber Pass(Philly), Mercury Lounge NYC) while their sound continuously evolved to have a more 60’s psychedelic garage/punk space-rock style influence. Then, upon relocating to Los Angeles (after a brief stint in Japan) beginning in 2001, they grew into Indi film making and film-scoring with a non-stop touring criteria. In 2004 "Songs from the Ancient Age" was self released and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) began regularly spinning the track "Red Reflection" on INDY103FM. Then they released the feature film Spaghetti Western psychedelic homage "The Legend of God's Gun" (Directed by Mike Bruce) on Tee Pee Records and Indican Pictures. The film was premiered as a DRIVE-IN Theater experience in Pioneertown, CA as the band performed inside at Pappy & Harrietts after the screening. As the LA and desert festivals (SPINDRIFT's Plucky Anchando & Co helped to start up the now renowned Clean Air Clear Stars Fest) multiplied and the scene doubled, word got around to Quentin Tarantino, who then used their song "Indian Run" in his biker exploitation production of "Hell Ride" (during one of Dennis Hopper's last on screen performances) in 2008. The next LP entitled "The West" was released on The Dandy Warhol's label Beat the World and the band went on to perform at Amoeba Records (LA) and tour with The Black Angels, Dead Meadow, as well as headline dozens of other US Tours. After a lineup change in 2009, Kirpatrick Thomas reinvigorated the band with a more energetic, cinematic, and matured approach with the musical film scoring resume LP entitled "Classic Soundtracks Volume 1". Each song was a different movie theme couple with a video release premiering on IFC. Dead Meadow's Xemu Records label released the album in 2010 and the first supporting EU Tours began (opening for Black Rebel Motorcylce Club). Subsequent US and EU Tours followed and more music was licensed for cabel shows such as HBO's East Bound and Down and Californication. Still, busy as hell, yet another feature indy film followed with a score for Ward Robert's "DUST UP". While consistenty breaking new ground and searching for inspiration, the "Ghost Town Tour" of 2012 went underway and the entire 5 week stretch of performing to literally nobody (well, there were some ghosts there) in over 21 different Ghost Towns was captured by Director Burke Roberts and cinematographers J. T. Gurzi and Rich Ragsdale. The Soundtrack to "Spindrift: Ghost of the West" was released on Tee Pee Records in 2013 and the film premiered at Downtown Independent Theater in downtown Los Angeles to a sold out crowd. The band once again performed LIVE in the theater for the screening. A show supporting punk legends X then happened that Summer in front of 8,000+. In 2014, after yet another line up change and reinvention, SPINDRIFT toured the US and UK again performing at festivals such as Duna Jam, Reverence Festival (Portugal), Roadburn Tilberg, and Levitation France (as well as their 4th performance for Austin Psych Fest aka Levititation). As late 2016/17 approaches more scoring has gone underway and been released. A signing to publisher BMG also helped to gather more soundtrack work. Kirpatrick Thomas score an episode for Vice's "Hamilton's Pharmacopia" as well as Vice's "King of the Road". Plans continue with a European Tour Oct 2017 plus the estimated follow up "Classic Soundtracks Vol's 2,3, 4" to be released in the near future.


Troy Murrah and Tyler Whiteside electro/country/punk BLUES AudioVisual.
Also in Snakearm.

"Restavrant are two screemin freeks—term used so respectfully—from adorable Victoria, Texas, that use expired license plates for drum parts and bodily drag truly addled hillbillyism into the digital age. They engineer a sloppy collision between Hasil Adkins and DJ Assault that boils down to beat, guitar and rooster-at-sunrise screaming, and behind them the drunkest dancers fall obediently in line."
-The Echo

Low Volts

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