Started in 2011 as a simple duet project between father and daughter, CelloPointe has become a Manhattan based music and dance ensemble that tours nationally. Its greatest strength has been the cultivation of talented friendships within their prospective industries with a dedication to merge chamber music and contemporary ballet. Famed colleagues of Grammy-nominated cellist Peter Wiley, pay tribute to chamber music. Manhattan based freelance dancers join Dona Wiley in gathering the most innovative choreographers that New York City has to offer, often through relationships forged through past projects. Executive Director and trained cellist Marcia Wiley bridges the gap between musicians and dancers, creating a unique style of programming to highlight the virtuosity of all artists. In a CelloPointe concert, chamber music pieces with musicians alone on stage divide the collaborative musician and dancer pieces. It is inspired by the classic and simple structure of a true chamber music concert. A CelloPointe concert will fill your senses from start to finish and make you re-evaluate the role of music in dance

$20.00 - $30.00


Enjoy an evening of live chamber music, contemporary ballet, and original choreography performed by world-class artists!

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