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Trick Shooter Social Club

The Riverbreaks

J.W. Farrell

J.W. Farrell is a solo artist based out of Philadelphia and New York City. Born and raised in Bucks County in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Farrell began forming bands with his friends as soon as he started learning guitar, much to the annoyance of anyone within ear shot. During his college years he joined the NYC based pop rock group La La Lush. After two records, a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom, and a US tour culminating in an appearance at SXSW, the band took a permanent hiatus in 2015. During this time, J.W. Farrell began to develop his sound as a solo singer-songwriter. While hibernating in Alexandria, Virginia, he wrote and recorded his debut EP. Taking notes from some of his songwriting heroes, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and John McCauley as well as the sonic influence of some of his favorite bands, The Walkmen, My Morning Jacket and The Gaslight Anthem, Farrell has created a captivating blend of americana, new wave and rock.

Ritual Talk

Ritual Talk is a psychedelic indie rock band. The Brooklyn outfit's lush instrumentation and exploratory vocal arrangements tinge each song with an unmistakable color, on and off the stage. Their debut EP, Rippled Glass, is out now.



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