THE SIGMA KIDS (Bowie in Philly doc)

THE SIGMA KIDS (Bowie in Philly doc)

PhilaMOCA presents a screening of THE SIGMA KIDS, a documentary about David Bowie’s relationship with Philadelphia.

In 1974, hoping to capture the famous Sound of Philadelphia, David Bowie went to the legendary Sigma Sound Studios to record his YOUNG AMERICANS album.  While there he struck up a special bond with some of his biggest fans, the Sigma Kids. And they struck up lifelong friendships with each other. 

Philly's own Patti Brett and Marla Karnevsky recount their days and nights spent outside of hotels and the studio hoping to catch a glimpse, or a touch, or a sound.  DJ Jerry Blavat takes us through the evolution of the 'Philly Sound' starting with the street corner doo wop of South Philadelphia up to the Soul of the 70's that Bowie was trying to emulate.  DJ Robert Drake and playwright Bruce Graham talk about the challenges the city was facing during that time, and what the 'Kids' would have been running into on the streets.  And Bowie's own guitarist and band leader Carlos Alomar gives the inside look at the genius of Bowies' creative process, the ups and downs of the making of the album, and what it was about the city and those fans that was so special to David.  All leading up to that day in August of '74 when The Sigma Kids were called up into the studio to hear the finished product, party with the band, give their feedback, and become part of Rock and Roll history.



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