Laurel Halo (Live with Eli Keszler)

Laurel Halo (Live with Eli Keszler)

Laurel Halo is a recording artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Taking influence from the techno of her Midwest roots, Halo has developed a unique take on electronic music, combining the machine pulse of hardware and software instruments (synthesizers, samplers, drum machines) with her own voice to address physical process, liminality and virtual violence. Halo has also released more rhythm-focused music under the alias King Felix, also with clear lineage to the machine soul and dub techno sounds of the Motor City. Halo’s debut album “Quarantine”, was released on Hyperdub to critical acclaim in 2012, receiving such accolades as #10 Album of the Year in The Washington Post, and the #1 Album of the Year in The Wire Magazine.


Embaci is a singer, producer and composer from New York. Most of her early works were created with the use of modest recording devices, her laptop, and keyboard. Her background in music consists of training as a Contralto opera singer and Jazz improvisation & composition, but her work often extends into fluid genres and collaborative processes. “The gamut of Embaci’s influences is cast wide...This generates a sound with cosmic condition that is not possible to know on electronic music’s plane of orthodox harmonic schemas”-AQNB. In 2016 she released her NON VS NAAFI mixtape, a collaborative project between Embaci,African diaspora artist collective NON WORLDWIDE and Mexico City's N.A.A.F.I. In 2017, she participated in The Great Disappointment which premiered at CTM Festival. The Great Disappointment was a performance piece created by NON WORLDWIDE in collaboration with acclaimed choreographer Liga Lewis. Recently, she has worked on the albums Tommy by Klein and Chino Amobi’s Paradiso.



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