He Is We

He Is We is an indie pop band formed in Tacoma, WA. The duo consists of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. The band's first full length album, My Forever, was released November 2010. Their OLD DEMOS album can be downloaded at http://heiswe.bandcamp.com.

Romance & Rebellion

Romance & Rebellion, setting raw emotionally charged lyrics and vintage influenced melodies to the tempo of a modern pop climate. Their self titled EP, slated for release June 2016, is a mixtape of tear your heart out songs about burgeoning love, love lost, and infedelious exes, that will make you fall in love with breaking up. With impeccably smart style and all the sex appeal of a Calvin Klein ad, they deliver live performances as raucous and powerful as they are sweet and sensitive. Pop has a new sound, and that sound is Romance & Rebellion.

$12.00 - $14.00


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