Rev Gusto, Phantom Broadcast, Mystery Friends, Cordoba

They started the band in KC now they live in Chicago, they have been touring a lot and recording a little for a few years. they like pop music and avoiding responsibility, later.

A collective that takes form in many different shapes and sizes. This is a group that deals with expanding on musical styles such as Rock, Jazz, Punk, Metal, and Ambient

Mystery Friends is a band rooted in the Washington, DC-music tradition while forging its own path forward. Since forming in 2016, the band finds its sound from a variety of influences, but they all fit together like a weird, wonderful puzzle. Combining angular guitars, woozy synths, chunky rhythm and powerful vocals, Mystery Friends makes moderately danceable rock for a time when people need a reason to dance.

Cordoba is a Chicago indie-jazz quintet that combines soulful vocals and explosive improvisation with a commitment to radical social change.

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