Meaghan Blanchard

Raised by a family of musicians in the rolling hills of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Meaghan came by music honestly. Throughout her childhood, she sat side-stage at local community halls while her grandparent’s band would play “that good old fashioned country music”. Meaghan’s grandmother was famous in their small town for crooning Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces” to local audiences. Although known in the rural countryside as “the little girl with the beautiful voice”, Meaghan was a very shy child, but at the age of eleven her confidence grew as she learned how to accompany herself on her mother’s guitar in the stairwell of their family home. She started putting pen to paper, and her words into song, possessing a rare ability to take on a narrative voice within her writing that was not that of a young girl of eleven years. She wove her family stories into song and adapted the tales of local legends into her writing; capturing the hardships of rural life in Eastern Canada along with the beauty of the landscape she was raised in; and people started to take notice.
Today, Meaghan is an acclaimed multiple award winning artist who took home her second East Coast Music Award for her third album “She’s Gonna Fly”; a project recorded down in Athens, Georgia USA with esteemed producer John Keane (Nancy Griffith, R.E.M.). She has performed for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, played 47 shows in 15 days at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and has toured extensively across Canada, the US and the UK. In 2015, the “Meaghan Blanchard Song Writing Camp for Girls” was inaugurated in Charlottetown, PEI; a two day camp created and hosted by Meaghan with a focus on co-writing; providing support for young women from her home province who are interested in song writing and in careers within the music industry. Meaghan is also one third of the group The Eastern Belles (with Catherine MacLellan and Ashley Condon).
Meaghan Blanchard is a gifted guitarist with her own blend of light claw hammer/finger picking style; paired with a crystal pure voice and a unique ability to write and tell stories through charming character driven songs.



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