Dr. Martens presents: shy kids

shy kids

shy kids are a four-piece band from Toronto, Canada who released their debut album, Lofty! in 2015. It’s catchy pop hooks and genre-hopping experimentation earned them acclaim from dozens of international music blogs and reviewers.

Since that time, the band of filmmakers have gained notoriety on the international stage after creating a slew of videos, marketing campaigns and animated shows for brands and bands like Alvvays, VICE, MTV, Red Hour, Garfunkel and Oates, Shania Twain and Snapchat.

Following their successes the kids were afforded the opportunity to travel south of the border where they tried desperately to make it in the land of opportunity.

Rapidly feeling like their boyhood dreams were shifting into a vaudeville nightmare, they began writing songs about the states they were at, both physically and mentally. These songs came together to form in a state.

Attempting to capture the spirit of the places they were in, the record is big, brash and loud. shy kids teamed up with an orchestra to bring their anthemic visions to life, launching the band’s sound from the bedroom to the stratosphere.

To add to in a state’s ambitious sound, shy kids created a fully realized visual album for the record’s nine tracks. With a music video for each song, in a state is a colourful journey through the landscapes of America… and their minds.

Shining Mirrors

Dark garage lollipop from Brooklyn, NY. Roy Orbison meets The Cars

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