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Hey Ocean!

After a 3 year hiatus, Canadian indie favourites, Hey Ocean! return with a new evolution of their energetic brand of west coast pop. David Beckingham, Ashleigh Ball, and David Vertesi have used the last few years to focus on other projects including their own solo records but the Juno-nominated trio's decade-plus long collaboration seems to have called them back for perhaps their strongest effort yet.
For long time fans, the new music builds a bridge between the carefree experimentation of 2008's "It's Easier To Be Somebody Else" and the slick pop production and songwriting of 2012's "IS". If it sounds like they are more relaxed, it’s because they are. The band cites their time away from Hey Ocean! as being key to feeling more at ease in the studio and with the project itself.
“Taking space to work on our own respective solo albums has been great.” Says Beckingham “We've grown up, learned a ton about our strengths and weaknesses, and had time to reflect on what makes this collaboration so special. "
They have also relieved pressure by parting ways with their record labels in favour of returning to life as an independent artist. "We're excited to be in control of our music again" says Vertesi "Being hands on definitely helps us feel more connected to what we're doing and to the fans of our music who have supported us through so much and for so long."

Sarah Summer

Sarah Summer is an independent songwriter/folk artist who was born and raised in Summerville, South Carolina.

She spent the past two years traveling from East to West, living out of hotels, making music in juke joints & playing with fire before settling in the desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

While passing through California, she met and began collaborating with instrumentalist Sam Smetana. Before long, the two were recording an EP together via snail mail. Summer found herself recording songs in California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. "I would spend the day locked in the bathroom, lights out, tracking with my guitar and a string of Christmas lights to set the mood," she says. "I'd load the files to a flash drive and drop it off at the post office with a note to Sam, and in a few weeks time, he'd return the favor. We kept at it until we came up with something we could both be proud of. "

Since Be Yourself was released in August 2017, the duo have been playing shows up and down the West Coast.


Before moving to California and forming Piedmont, Jim Brantley lived and played music in North Carolina for most of his life — including time spent as a member of the Ashley Stove (Merge Records). Piedmont’s music takes inspiration from the ragged impressionism of Neil Young, the classic songcraft of Tom Petty, the experimental pop sensibilities of Wilco, and the epic guitars of My Morning Jacket. All delivered with a healthy sprinkling of Jim's Southern roots.



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