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Brother Sundance

Brother Sundance began playing the drums at the age of two — teaching himself the ins and outs of his favorite songs day in and day out. His Mother often quipped that he was born playing the drums and hadn’t stopped since. As a teenager, he picked up the guitar and began to sing, two efforts that eventually culminated in his fronting of punk-blues outfit Wallace. Wallace worked the South Florida underground circuit for a year before dissolving and giving way to Brother Sundance and his solo efforts. As a solo performer, he writes and records all of his own music, often playing every instrument on each song, and produces it all as well. He is joined on stage by an incredible group of South Florida natives, his best friends, and has worked hard to put together an exhilarating set. “It’s a battle, really, between past and present — past being the album, the recorded instance of each song, and present being the show, the moment at hand. The way those two things collide, the way songs take on new forms each night — it’s incredible. I live for that.”, Sundance says of his group’s show. His debut single, Blind, is coming soon, with an EP, HONEY, right behind it.

Kate Puckett is a powerhouse pop artist with soul. Her relate-able, down-to-earth presence both on and off the stage, her powerful, soulful voice, and her refreshing, encouraging songwriting are making waves in the music industry.

Her long-anticipated solo EP, "Break", released in January 2017 under Nashville label, Legalized Crime Productions, followed by her newest single, "Dance Now" on 7/7/2017.

"Kate Puckett connects vocally with every lyric of every song and leads with power, sensitivity, and sophistication of singers well beyond her years."
-Kim Steinhauer, President-Estill Voice International

​"The great thing about this artist is that she is the same person in real life as she is in videos or on stage. I have had the privilege of knowing Kate for probably about 6 or 7 years, invited her to sing for our youth, a concert I promoted, Cotaco, and our church. I encourage you to get to know her music and have her out to sing for your next event!"
-Michael Walters

"Kate has a mature sound. Within her heavenly voice is the innate desire to foremost share the love of God while simultaneously rocking your face off with the tousle of her red hair."
-Joy Berry, Head of Soulstock Festival

"Kate was able to blend two genres seamlessly, electronic/pop and soul. Her voice is both smooth and soaring throughout "Break".
-Noah Rabe, Artist/Founder of Monumental Movement

​"Kate Puckett sings with such passion, and her presence encompasses an entire room. I do not think its a stretch to liken her to artists like Adele, Whitney Houston, or Norah Jones with her ability to take every note and use it to make you smile or break your heart."
-Ryan Jump, Filmmaker

Risen from a primordial ooze of angst and self-pity, Michael Kessler searches for meaning in a dreary existence at the helm of Kytoon, an electronic pop-rock music project based in Nashville, TN. With the help of bandmates Aaron Itzkovitz (guitar, backup vocals), Steven Martenson (bass) and Cliff Gray (drums), Kessler confesses to the emotional baggage of his 20's in crisply produced, often ironically uplifting songs reminiscent of acts like Owl City and The 1975.

"Seemingly emerging out of nowhere, LAW.'s first release hit the airwaves at the beginning of 2017, demonstrating an uncanny ability to deliver her pop sensibilities while keeping intact a sense of exploration, experimentation, and freedom. Growing up in Boston, LAW. began her music career experimenting with folk-pop and raw country while teaching herself guitar and piano - releasing her first album under her given name of Charlotte Sands at the impressive age of 16. From there she moved to Nashville to hone her songwriting craft and wrote songs for various pop & country artists. It was in this industry heavy environment that caused a reaction with which she rebelled against the corporate mentality of music and songwriting. In her first release under her new moniker and new found sense of freedom, she managed to delve throughout the entire spectrum of emotion and the human experience in just five songs. Her ability to weld together dark and moody beats intricately with strong melodies is juxtaposed with unashamedly venturing into dance electro/pop hits demonstrating a lack of fear and pandering which is much needed in the current music kaleidoscope."



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