Sur Back

Sur Back

"Born out of the escapism of an ex-ballerina steeped in fight-or-flight Floridian humidity, Sur Back is the experimental pop vehicle in which you may find repose. The solo project draws its name from a natural phenomenon described as "the green ray," first observed by Arctic explorer Sir George Back. When witnessed, it is said to deliver a moment of epiphany where the viewer's thoughts, and the thoughts of those around them are completely and profoundly understood. "Sir" was changed to "Sur" to imply its Turkish translation - "steer" - in hopes the music will "steer back" its listeners to epiphanies of their own." - Turntable Kitchen

"Fielded is the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a singer-producer currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Powell works mainly with electronic manipulation of vocals, synthesizers and live instrumentation in order to achieve a unique pop sound brought full circle by her brave and powerful lead vocal work.It is Powell’s progressive songwriting and distinctive voice that keep the project cohesive and inspired.
There is an exploration of feminine and masculine that takes on a life force during her live performances. Powell falls somewhere between Diva and Front Man, gracefully pursuing the future while fully considering and nurturing a rich musical past. Fielded pursues a sincere dedication to an exploration of what it means to be a performer and we follow her there without hesitation. We find satiety for the honestly that we crave and find comfort in our own discovery of a talent that gives her all without fear and leaves us wanting more."

Fielded has just finished Ninety Thirty Thirty, her full-length follow-up to 2009's Terrageist. She is currently touring and writing for her upcoming releases.


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