Kirk grew up on the streets in South Philadelphia which is where the roots of his comedy come from. His comedy spin looks at the very simple things that happen to us all every day from a slightly cockeyed point of view. Kirk contends that it's easy to be funny when you’ve survived the 60’s and 70’s, did all the drugs you were supposed to, been married 4 times, been fired by President Reagan as an Air Traffic Controller AND actually owns a copy of the record album, “Leonard Nemoy’s Greatest Hits.” All he needs is a microphone and a stage and a few people to laugh with him. Kirk has appeared in the Marvel blockbuster, “The Avengers” and you can hear him daily on XM/Sirius Satellite’s “Raw Dog Comedy” channel.

Having arrived to this “comedy dance” late in life, Greg has a different perspective than many other touring comics. His sarcastic, dry humor is filtered through the lens of a guy just trying to do his best in the world while living with a girl 18 years his junior. Greg has performed in comedy clubs, theaters, casinos, country clubs and for corporations throughout the country. While not necessarily politically correct (because what fun is that?); Greg works fairly clean. Look the truth of the matter is, Greg lives with this little Italian girl. He’s just traveling around the country in search of places where he can do the talking…



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