Marty Ross started his stand-up comedy career late in life, so he may have to take a nap before the fight. He shares this misery about getting older with audiences of all ages. Young people enjoy the fact that though Marty looks like their grandfather, but he certainly doesn’t act like their grandfather… and old-timers? Well they can just relate, period. Like when in the midst of a political discussion with his family, Marty was asked his opinion of various presidents. The topper was when he mentioned that Washington was the father of our country and his grandson asked if he voted for George Washington!

Charlie Stone is an up and coming comic on the Chicago comedy scene. Charlie found his passion for comedy in college transforming himself from overweight slacker to highly attractive comedian.*

* (Webmasters Note: all opinions of looks are solely at the discretion of the comedian and do not necessarily represent views or opinions of the webmaster, site editor, website patrons, or those of the general population.)

Stone, known for his random off-beat views on everything from politics and dating to the cost of fast food and the absurdity of police officers riding on Segway scooters, enjoys trying to find ways to connect with any audience for whom he performs. Charlie’s favorite part of comedy is the challenge of making different audiences laugh regardless if they are black or white, young or old, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, or Scientologist.

Charlie Stone can frequently be seen at open mics and comedy showcases throughout the Chicagoland area.

His favorite president is Grover Cleveland, he thinks the best Starburst is the pink one (and he’s secure enough to admit it) and his goal in life is to be the first person to ever be reigning Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World and supreme court justice at the same time.



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