Curtsy, Punch Punch Kick, Squid Cult

Curtsy is an indie-rock five piece consisting of Austin Knecht, Crystal Napoles, Kai Dodson, Tamara Simons, and Jonathan Palmquist. Curtsy was formed when Austin Knecht (vocals, guitar) auditioned as a lap steel player for a country-folk band fronted by Crystal Napoles (vocals, keys). After bonding over their mutual love of 80s pop and 90s shoegaze, the pair began writing together. Jonathan Palmquist (drums), Kai Dodson (bass), and Tamara Simons (guitar) joined the pair along the way, forming a completive, rich rhythm section. Their sound incorporates lush indie pop with dreamy guitars over driving rhythms and haunting boy/girl harmonies wrapped around perfect pop hooks—a sound that creates something both familiar and unique.

Punch Punch Kick is a rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2012. The group consists of Phil McDonald (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Miranda (lead guitar and vocals), Ryan Malloy (bass and vocals) and Reade Pryor (drums).

Shortly after forming, the band joined forces with producer Linus of Hollywood to record their debut EP. The single "What the Kids Don't Know" was released on October 7th, 2013, and the full EP was released on January 31st, 2014.

Punch Punch Kick will continue performing at venues in the Los Angeles area while finishing the recording of their first full-length album which they hope to release in the coming year.

"The term power pop has been resurrected into the music lexicon in the past year or so, though most of the current acts that follow its roots are giving it more of gritty garage sound. But every so often, a band like Punch Punch Kick reminds us of how playful and simplistic a pop song can be, nonewithstanding that powerful crunch that gives it a sense of melodic urgency. Their first shout-out to the world, "What The Kids Don't Know", is all-around likable, boasting a straightforward hook that morphs to the rhythm of their vocal harmonies like a good old-fashioned pop rock song should. Think of a more bubbly Surfer Blood mixed with the tight guitar dynamics of the Cars and, of course, the youthful, self-referential naivete of early Fountains of Wayne."
- The Deli LA

Squid Cult is a good band. They took to the scene in 2017, spreading their slimy gospel through standout performances at the Smell, the Mint, Silverlake Lounge, Los Globos, and more. Their live shows are equal parts punk energy, jazzy experimentation, and timeless 70's guitar hooks. Their debut album "All Boys Leave Home Someday" is coming in Spring of 2018.



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