Desert Magic

Desert Magic

Desert Magic is an LA-based music collective founded in 2015. Members include Alex Wand, Steven Van Betten, Logan Hone, and Luke Williams with contributions from Mike Lockwood, Odeya Nini, and Linnea Sablosky. We composed our debut album piecemeal on the solstices and equinoxes of the year 2015 on and officially released it in the spring of 2016. The following year, we released an interactive solar system sonification on Thank you for listening!

Marshweed Ensemble

Marshweed Ensemble is the music of Heather Lockie, joined live by Shawn Lockie, Clay Chaplin, Laura Steenberge, Mustafa Walker, Max Kutner and Steven Van Betten. They will play songs from Lockie's recent solo collection called "Marshweed in the Garden," a rich panoply of songs revolving around seeds, dirt, critters: all within a context of the garden as vehicle for beauty, pain, death, know, the stuff that makes life interesting. More at

Max Ox

Jacob Mann - synth
Corbin Jones - bass
Ryan McDiarmid - drums



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