Four friends from Athens, Georgia have started a revolution in rock music. Driven by passion and purpose, the band Walden seeks to evoke emotion and inspiration through their music and live performance. To do so, these young men have stripped away every stigma and stereotype associated with playing in a rock band to focus on what actually matters: the music, the message, and the people. Four guys with nothing but a passion for playing shows and creating music quickly became one of the biggest upcoming musical acts in Georgia, capturing the attention of audiences of all ages with their raw sound, infectious energy, and undeniable connection they share on stage.

Walden's live performance truly shone when they won the 2017 Road to Bonnaroo competition for the state of Georgia. This competition generated a passionate and supportive following for the band in their hometown of Athens, GA . As a result of their growing popularity, Walden has also had the opportunity to open for well known acts such as Moon Taxi and Twiddle and further grow their fan base. These successes amount to nothing more than a stepping stone towards these four friends achieving their actual goal of playing and creating music together for the rest of their lives.

The Vinyl Suns are a rowdy bunch to say the least. The four youngsters started playing together during the Summer of 2015 in Athens, GA. Their unapologetic love for the blues, rock n' roll, and funky grooves makes it feel like that raw seventies' sound found its way back to the 21st century. Don't let the cover of the book fool you because when these amigos hit the stage and turn on the power, you're in for one hell of a good time.

In the short time since their formation, there's no question that they've proven themselves. Having solidified their name in their hometown and with a released EP with original songs, the classic city of Athens, and then earned their respect in Atlanta, the Vinyl Suns have continued to cause waves in the south-east. For this band, the future looks exciting, and the sky is the limit.

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