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The Jacks stand by their claim, “We are not a rock band, we are a rock n’ roll band.” With a heavy influence from the British Invasion of the 1960s and 70s, The Jacks have developed a rare sound that is unruly, bold, and hard to be ignored - they won’t settle with blending into the scene. While not trying to fix what isn’t broken and pushing the boundaries for tomorrow, The Jacks consistently deliver fresh but timeless music.

From their live shows to their recording techniques, they keep integrity to who they are and how they believe their music should sound. The 4-piece doesn’t hide behind auto-tune, click tracks, or backing tracks, what you hear is what you get.

With their new single "Tonight" and a debut album release slated for early 2019, The Jacks are “holstering loads of promise, so it’s time you gave them a listen, have the advantage of being able to shout ‘I heard ’em before they got famous’ when they crack the big time, and indulge in some great music.” (One Stop Record Shop).

A spirit of exploration, of unity, of love - a musical philosophy that Orange County quartet The Bash Dogs keep alive with their psyched-out rock and roll, but also their pure devotion to the art form. Within their wah-wah riffs and groove, you hear echoes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and the Maharishi-era Beatles—a kaleidoscope of Acid Rock, Freakbeat, and Garage-Psych that makes the Dogs the band to call when you want to get down like it’s 1969. They play for the love, with a powerful, booty-shakin’ energy that comes right back to them at their rowdy live shows. “Every song I write I try to incorporate some sort of message of love...and the most important thing: loving who you are playing with and especially who you are playing for” says front man Nate Barrett.

The Bash Dogs got their start when they were just pups, the seismic sounds of their parents’ albums inspiring them to pick up an instrument and play. Nate (vox and guitar) and brother Jeremy (drums), caught the bug after playing Van Morrison’s seminal “Gloria” at their 5th grade talent show—a high they’ve been riding ever since. The brothers met bassist Nathan Schmok—affectionally known as Schmoky Bear—in high school, deciding to form a band when they realized they knew all the same Led Zeppelin riffs. Rocking around as a power trio, the boys quickly embedded themselves in the Orange County scene, playing local institutions like the Observatory, House of Blues, and the Wayfarer building up an audience of bell-bottom wearing, record-collecting kids.

Wanting to give back to their local scene, The Bash Dogs started Soul Kitchen—a monthly residency at the House of Blues in Anaheim where the Dogs serve as founders, organizers, hosts, and house band, as their friends shimmy and shake all night long. Inspired by the scene around LA where they were going to college, Nate and Jerm decided to bring the outta-sight, all-vinyl DJ sets and Davey Wayne’s atmosphere back home to Orange County—as well as keyboard player Cole Riddle. It’s this fortuitous meeting that has added a whole new Manzarek-layer to their mood ring sound—allowing the band to fly even further out into rock and roll space. It’s a new direction reflected in the sophisticated time changes and experimental structure of new single, “Can You Feel Her”—Lysergic-dipped vocals and prog-rock jammin’ pointing to a refined, more mature sound that the Dogs are hyped to further unveil.

At a typical show, The Bash Dogs hit the stage around midnight, decked out in long hair and sharp suits—except dread-man Nayton who buzzed his head a cupla months back—and give the crowd all the lava lamp, psyched out, wah-wah guitar riffs they can handle. All their influences merge, and the songs are given extra life by the long instrumental jams they drop into most of their tunes. Succeeding in their dance party mission, all the kids in fringe vests and unbuttoned shirts go nuts, along with the enthusiastic go-go dancers up on stage. By the time the clock gets close to two, the Bash Dogs wrap things up with a guaranteed house-rocker like “Twist and Shout,” or Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” sending the kids out into the night with kaleidoscope visions of days gone by.

Currently, The Bash Dogs are making moves for a big 2018. Look for tour dates, three new singles just released January 5,—plus more new music and goodies throughout the year.

Wes Brawler

Trubdr. Adam Road

Troubadour Adam Road is a Tel Aviv based musician whose music channels harmonic and rhythmic sounds of flamenco style guitar with a mix of indie, folk, rock and grunge music. Born in Colorado, Adam started writing and playing music from the first moment he picked up a pen. As a teenager, he moved to Israel where he continued to pursue his musical passion. After leaving the Israeli army, Adam moved to New York City where he started his music career as one of the founding members of the band City of the Sun. In 2014, he decided to leave the band and moved back to Israel to establish his solo career. Once, when travelling in Brooklyn, after Adam performed, a man came up to him and said, “Thank you Troubadour.” The name stuck and so Adam became Trubdr. Adam Road.

Within the first couple of days of his solo career, Trubdr. Adam Road signed a deal with Yebo Music, recorded his debut album, "Exile From the City.” The featured song, "If God Don't Follow Me" (ft. Brooklyn-based vocalist Danielle Parente) was placed by the TV shows Teen Wolf and The Originals. "If God Don't Follow Me" has garnered close to a million plays and made the Galgalatz playlist, the most esteemed radio playlist in Israel. Though an independent artist, Trubdr. Adam Road performs concerts with a powerful live band called, "The Lonely Soul Collective" consisting of Sam Mendel, Cara 'Rose' Lauzon, Cheo Stein, and Eran "Big Red" Elimelech.

Currently, Trubdr. Adam Road & The Lonely Soul Collective are performing weekly around Tel Aviv and gearing up to release their single, "Polle," inspired by Nirvana’s “Polly.” “Polle" is an important song to Adam, believing it encapsulates the album title “Exile From The City”. This summer, Trubdr. Adam Road & The Lonely Soul Collective are set for a North American tour and will also be playing at the Live at Heart Festival in Sweden on August 30th - September 2nd and other European Dates as well.



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