Writers Round w/ Josh Ward Taylor, Todd Kramer, Jamie Bendell

Josh Ward Taylor

Born in Baltimore, raised in the Maryland suburbs, Josh Taylor was brought up on the music from his parent's generation. Early experiences of music from Dylan to Springsteen, and Bob Marley to Led Zeppelin, peaked Josh's interest in the guitar at an early age. Josh has been playing the guitar since the age of 12, started singing when he was 15, wrote his first song a year later, and since then, it's all been about the writing and honing his performance style. Since 2006, Josh Taylor has independently produced 5 albums. After a brief year and a half residence in Athens Georgia, Josh released the 2006, "Live at Eddie's Attic" which contains 16 live solo acoustic songs recorded at the legendary Georgia venue. In May of 06', he packed up and moved to New York City where he has been honing his craft as a writer and performer. He has since written and recorded 4 independently produced albums, "From the West River" in 2007, "Paranoia Town" in 2008, "A Little Blue" in 2009, and "Wild, Wild Ramblin' Heart" in 2010. All acoustic efforts, Josh will be going into the studio again in Spring 2012 with a full band for his 6th project. Quite simply dubbed, "A songwriter's songwriter" by Ishrat Ansari, owner and proprietor of the legendary Greenwich Village Music hot spot, Caffe Vivaldi. With a style that draws from traditional folk to modern blues elements, Josh Taylor continues to frequent the New York City music scene and has years of new music to come on the horizon.

Todd Lewis Kramer

i write happy love songs. i write sad love songs. and i sing them.

Jamie Bendell

Jamie has been writing songs since fourth grade and crafts her lyrics from experiences, thoughts, stories, and feelings. With her sweet demeanor and soft-spoken voice, Jamie draws people in with unforeseen strength and passion shown in both her vocal performance and songwriting abilities. She will make sure to thank you for listening, truly appreciating music and the fact that listeners are taking time to hear what she has to sing.

Jamie and music go hand in hand, like the best kind of relationship we're all looking to find. Growing up, the Bendell Family always had a song to accompany each part of the day. There were wakeup songs, and songs for the day, songs for playtime and songs for clean up. There were songs at meal times and songs about getting wrinkly after staying in the bath for too long. Then, there were the goodnight songs, not forgetting River of Dreams that played on repeat in Jamie's bedroom, every single evening. It's pretty safe to say that one of the reasons Jamie has decided to follow her dreams of pursuing a career in music is because she has grown up surrounded by a myriad of melodies.



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