Scott Yoder

From starting out with the noisy garage pop of his former band The Pharmacy to playing as a backing musician for Kimya Dawson, Scott Yoder has developed his own unique sound that could be compared to acts that he has performed with including Fleet Foxes, Ty Segall, Black Lips & Kevin Morby. As a solo musician he further evolved his sound into fronting an electrified & theatrical band of glammy freaks across the US & Europe. His first LP under his own name “Looking Back In Blue” was released to critical acclaim in March 2016.

“Lyrically impressive songs & melodies drive this album.” - Surviving the Golden Age

“No matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work.” - Clunk Magazine

Howardian is an American pop collective fronted by Ian Vanek (x-Japanther.) The group uses loose poly rhythms, sticky
synth melodies and dynamic vocal hooks to make strange songs for weird people. The resulting infectious art-rock is authentic and catchy. Howardian's tracks feature fuzzy, distorted walls of sound and plenty of samples, all with a scuzzy garage-rock vibe.

Los Ricos

Los Ricos (formerly known simply as "Rico") is the unholy brainchild of Greater Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/curator Joseph B. Purcell. Like some sort of lackadaisical phoenix, the band rose from the month-old ashes of Purcell's past projects with the intention of providing a unique strand of fuzz-ridden indie-pop for the huddled, jaded masses. With the aid of local human drum machine Daniel Fisk-Kallish, the duo aim to please with their series of sentimental home recordings and energized live performances. Their new EP "Brand New Memory" will be available to own/stream this spring.

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