Comedy Dance Collective presents: CDC in 4-D

Comedy Dance Collective presents: CDC in 4-D

Comedy Dance Collective Presents: CDC in 4-D

Join The Comedy Dance Collective for this fun and interactive show that will delight all of your senses! Will we survive the Sriracha-cha slide? What exactly happens to your food during the 5-second rule? Join us to find out! Laughs! Snacks! It’s sure to be a thrilling and hilarious ride!

"The C:DC has found a way to set themselves apart from any other comedy troupe. They are funny, creative, and charming. It seems that their main goal is to connect with the audience and make sure everyone has a good time – and they succeed wildly."
-Charna Halpern, Founder and Owner of The iO Theater
"I didn't know what to expect. Maybe funny dancing or dancing funny. But no! It's a delicious mix of dance and storytelling slathered in humor!"
-Patti Vasquez, WGN Radio
"It’s one of the funniest, most enjoyable hours you’ll spend on a Friday night."
-Chicago Reader
“If it’s been a long week and you badly need to laugh, this is good medicine." -BuzzOnStage

Audience reactions:
“What timeless, joyful work!"
"I smiled the whole time!"
"Modern-day vaudeville."
"So dumb it's smart again."

Starring: CJ Richmond, Danni Krehbiel*, Ellen DeSitter, Justin Kimball*, Megan Leahey*, Mike Kristula, Sarah Barnhardt*, Teresa Leahey*
Directed by Carisa Barreca
*denotes company members



The Comedy Dance Collective is visually-hilarious, goofy, feel-good group that combines sketch comedy, improv, physical comedy, and dance to tell stories. All of your senses will delight in this 4-D show!

Starring: CJ Richmond, Danni Krehbiel, Ellen DeSitter, Justin Kimball, Megan Leahey, Mike Kristula, Sarah Barnhardt, Teresa Leahey

Directed by Carisa Barreca

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