Justin Hunter Scott (JHS) is an American producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin and Los Angeles. His music frequently samples the West African highlife canon and ‘90s R&B heyday, with outcomes that reference everything from Warp and Stones Throw to 1080p and PC Music. He obtained his MA in African studies from Yale University in 2013 and his work studying global musical culture informs much of his work. His first EP Inu Mi Dun Lati Pade E was released on KLWL in 2014, and he has performed widely in the USA and Europe, including a spot at Warp’s 2012 SXSW shocase under his old alias Stout Cortez. Since early 2017 he has also played guitar and synth in the Berlin post-punk band Plattenbau. JHS plans two releases for 2018 spring and summer, the bright kaleidoscope of Color Plus and the warped psychedelia of Hell Is Lit. His latest mixtape “Enjoy the Sunshine”, a collection of b-sides and unreleased material, is due in late January.



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