The Captivators

The Captivators

"Taller than average." "Punctual." "Skalike." These are just some of the ways the Captivators have been described. But one word describes the Captivators more accurately than all other words in the history of the English language... captivating.

The Captivators are comprised of six fellows who love soulful, danceable ska. They have great respect for DC’s ska scene, and are looking to make their mark with great tunes, electrifying shows, and memorable nights.

Your Captivators are:

Alex Daniels: The beat. He’s the Swiss timepiece and eye candy who rules benevolently from his drum throne.

Bill Wade: The voice, the horn, and the leader. He’s the published author whose passion for crabs and beer has earned his books five star ratings on Amazon.

Charles Freeman: The low end. He’s the guy who brings a sense of danger, unpredictability, volatility, and compassionate responsibility to the band.

Dan Hauser: The… yeah, we’ve got this guy.

Jaime Soto: The Miami Kid. He’s Mr. Excitement on the sax, and he will make you ladies feel right at home. His home.

Ska/rocksteady/reggae band from Washington, D.C.

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